milliCare - The Story of milliCare

The Story of milliCare

The Story of milliCare
Each year, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) hosts World Workplace, the largest networking and learning event which serves the facility management (FM) community. This year, World Workplace is taking place in San Diego, California, from October 5-7 and is celebrating the theme “The FM Story is Ours to Share.” As we make our way out to the show, thinking about this theme causes me to reflect on our own story, as milliCare has been working with Facility Managers for over 30 years.

Our story starts with Milliken & Company, an award-winning innovation company that has been in business since 1865. As the company grew more and more prominent in the commercial community, customers began to turn to Milliken & Company for carpet care solutions that were better for the environment and that were more effective overall.

In response to this need, Milliken & Company created milliCare in 1984. milliCare was armed with a four-step dry carpet care system that used 99.5 percent less water and 319 percent less energy than traditional hot water extraction systems did. At this time, Facility Managers were beginning to become even more well-educated about the impact of a building's footprint on the environment and on the well-being of its guests. The environmentally-friendly dry care carpet process offered Facility Managers a solution that addressed their concerns, and milliCare quickly became the gold standard for carpet and textile care.

Then, in 1996, milliCare shifted operations to a franchise model. This change enabled milliCare to partner with Facility Managers on a more regional, national and global level. In the 20 years the Franchise Network has existed, it has continued to expand its influence and at this point, has over 80 franchisees internationally.

Recently, milliCare expanded from providing only carpet and textile care to becoming a single-source care provider for all floor and textile needs. With the new services of Performance Coatings and Tile & Grout Care, Facility Managers are now able to work with one point-of-contact at milliCare who will plan and oversee the delivery of Carpet Care, Textile Care, Spot Care, Indoor Air Quality, Performance Coatings, Entryway Systems, and Tile & Grout Care.

As is the case for the Facility Management industry overall, the milliCare story is one of growth and resourcefulness. It is one that speaks to quality building care and a true interest in doing business in a way that protects the environment. To incorporate milliCare into your FM story, contact a local milliCare professional to discuss your facility's needs.


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