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Giving Students a Clean Space to Do Their Best

When you’re a student, almost anything will do for a distraction. It takes a special kind of care to create a space where students can focus on the task at hand and do their best work. MilliCare offers premiere cleaning services for classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, and any other spaces related to educational well-being. Students will have a safe, clean space to learn, and that means better performance.

Safety on a school campus is about more than dry floors and hygienic facilities. It also means clean air free of odors and bacteria. Many traditional carpet cleaning and sanitizing methods leave behind mold and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which often adversely affect the respiratory system. These kinds of issues have been linked to higher rates of absence and lower school success. The solution is a cleaning service where sanitation and hygiene are the top priority.

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How to Achieve a Total Clean

The best kind of learning happens when students and teachers work together. By using MilliCare ’s complete four-step cleaning system, schools can know they are doing everything they can to give students, faculty, and guests an environment where learning can most effectively take place. Our advanced cleaning solutions promote a more hygienic environment with less airborne contaminants, all with far less downtime than conventional cleaning solutions.

MilliCare proactively fights against dirt, soil, and debris with entryway systems that reduce the amount that makes it onto the premises, then using dry polymers to carry away any remaining debris. Our environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions help schools get the most from what they spend on cleaning.

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  • “MilliCare saves us money. Saves us stress. They find a way, they work with us. We feel important because they make us feel important.”

    - Sarah B. - Facility Manager, Blackrock Investment Manager
  • “They revived [the carpet] and gave us two more years with that carpet then our lease ended and we moved out. It was an incredible cost savings.”

    - Judy L. Senior Facility Manager, CB Richard Ellis (CBRE)
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