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When people walk into a government office, they expect to see a clean, orderly space able to provide for their needs. These are tax dollars at work, after all, and seeing them used effectively can be a positive experience for guests and visitors. By using milliCare as a trusted commercial cleaning service provider, favorable impressions can be created without going over budget. We offer cost-effective, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that help government offices fulfill their mission.

Thanks to milliCare’s long-standing relationship with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), we are able to provide budget-friendly, cost-effective cleaning services to government offices, non-profits, and education facilities.

Using milliCare as a GSA Schedule or NJPA service provider offers:

  • Flexibility and choice of maintenance program
  • Shorter lead times
  • Control of the procurement process
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Transparency

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Responsible Commercial Cleaning Care

When it comes to cleaning care that complies with green initiatives while staying within budget, there’s no better choice than milliCare. Our advanced cleaning system uses moisture-activated dry polymers that result in a massive water and energy savings – over 99% less water and 31% less energy each cleaning. Creating a clean, hygienic office environment can be done without excessive costs to the planet or your budget.

As a total commercial cleaning solution, milliCare develops a complete and customized plan for each customer. This plan includes each and every aspect of floor and textile care, from designing, scheduling, and invoicing all the way to implementation and customer care. Our expert technicians are trained in how to care for every kind of floor and textile and will ensure your satisfaction.

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