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Hospitals are known for their cleanliness. With so many sick patrons carrying germs around, having a sanitary environment is crucial to offering satisfactory health care. When patients are brought to the hospital, their recovery requires a sterile, clean room and bed to promote faster healing and prevent complications during the process. MilliCare offers advanced cleaning solutions that help keep hospitals free of airborne contaminants like dust and mold.

The advanced cleaning solutions offered by MilliCare are completed faster and are safer than traditional cleaning methods. Thanks to our dry polymer system, up to 99% of all volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are eliminated by the time the job is done. Since the MilliCare Dry Care system uses 99.5% less water than conventional cleaning systems, no residual moisture is left behind to dry slowly and create a home for mold and bacteria. MilliCare is the hygienic cleaning solution hospitals trust.

Now is the time to find out how MilliCare can improve the hygiene of your hospital environment. Call us today to schedule a demonstration.

Your Qualified Cleaning Partner

We value the trust of your patients and professionals. To ensure we do our part in keeping that trust, all MilliCare technicians will comply with your hospital’s information confidentiality requirements. During cleaning, our team members wear uniforms and perform the service in coordination with a preferred schedule. Our goal is to keep facilities clean and orderly without getting in the way of what makes them successful.

The MilliCare cleaning system helps hospitals by offering:

  • Safe & effective green cleaning
  • Highly-trained technicians
  • Preventative maintenance

Our customized cleaning plans will be tailored to the needs of each customer and will include planning when and how cleaning will take place.

Give MilliCare a call today. See how we can help your hospital be a cleaner, safer place for patients to be.

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  • “They revived [the carpet] and gave us two more years with that carpet then our lease ended and we moved out. It was an incredible cost savings.”

    - Judy L. Senior Facility Manager, CB Richard Ellis (CBRE)
  • “MilliCare saves us money. Saves us stress. They find a way, they work with us. We feel important because they make us feel important.”

    - Sarah B. - Facility Manager, Blackrock Investment Manager
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