Commercial Floor Care Services

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Facility Health and Hygiene
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MilliCare 's Enhanced Hygiene Services include cleaning and disinfectant solutions for hard and soft surfaces throughout your facility to lower risk and maintain wellness for building occupants – without damaging your flooring and textiles.

The MilliCare Promise

Premium Surface Cleaning for Commercial Facilities

When you choose MilliCare for commercial floor cleaning services for your business or property, you’ll see why we’re a leader in the industry. Our formally trained experts craft programs to meet your facility’s individual needs and extend the usable life of your carpets and floor surfaces. We know that no two facilities function in exactly the same way, so we pride ourselves on our sustainable, realistic solutions.

Our highly qualified technicians are skilled in tailoring care plans to solve a variety of challenges in high-traffic areas, low-traffic areas, and everywhere in between. We offer professional care and cleaning of carpets and textiles, as well as fiber protection and solving odor issues and entry matting. When you call MilliCare, you can rest assured your floors will look great and last longer—and you won’t have to lift a finger.

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