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You’ll Be Surprised by What a Cleaning Can Do

Is your commercial furniture looking a little shabby? Instead of buying new furnishings, save a little money and have milliCare give your office a facelift. Sometimes a good cleaning is all that’s needed to give your office that like-new feeling.

We clean all types of furniture:

  • Lobby and reception furniture
  • Task seating
  • Lounge seating
  • Conference furniture
  • Waiting room furniture

We also clean:

  • Panel fabrics
  • Draperies
  • Wallcoverings
  • … and more

Keep Your Office Looking Fresh

There’s nothing like the sharp look of a new office. Keeping your workspace in prime condition entails more than just keeping up with your carpets and other surfaces. It’s also important to care for your furniture and textiles. With milliCare textile care, you can improve the overall appearance and feel of your upholstered seating and panel fabrics to extend their useful life and keep your workspace in that like-new condition.

Find out what we can do to revitalize your workspace. Contact us to schedule a demonstration of milliCare cleaning services!

Mold-Free Cleaning

Keeping your workspace clean is about more than having everything look nice. It’s about keeping you and your staff healthy. Over time, dirt, allergens, and pollutants work their way deep into furniture fibers, and conventional cleaning methods simply cannot remove them.

The milliCare method of cleaning involves using an atomized cleaning solution to scrub fibers and remove the debris, giving you a work space with far less mold, bacteria, and allergen material. Because our cleaning process conserves water, your furniture will be dry shortly after we’re finished, giving you access to your spotless work space much sooner.

Make your workplace a cleaner, healthier place to be with milliCare textile care. Please contact us for a demonstration of how we can revitalize your office.

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