MilliCare - No Other Carpet Cleaning System Can Compare to MilliCare

No Other Carpet Cleaning System Can Compare to MilliCare

Carpet Cleaning… and Nobody Does it Better than Cubix.

Building owners and  and managers are always being bombarded with proposals from  so-called maintenance companies with cut-rate carpet cleaning alternatives. And many of them will tell you,”We’re just as good as MilliCare.”  But the truth is that  there is no carpet cleaning system currently on the market that can compare to MilliCare.

So what makes MilliCare better?

The MilliCare Formulation: The environmentally friendly polymer granules that are brushed deep into your carpet fibers, without any water, have been scientifically formulated to attract dirt, dust and other debris much like a magnet attracts metal.  They are more concentrated and more efficient that any other chemical product and considerably better than any water-based cleaning system.

Green Clean: It’s important to want to do your part to save the environment, but did you know that a major part of the green initiative involves controlling the quality of the air you, your employees and your visitors breathe while they are in your office or retail space? In the days after your carpeting is cleaned with the MilliCare process, the air in the room doesn’t smell from cleaning residue or harsh chemicals or mildew.  The air is as clean as the carpeting and the people there will feel alert and healthy.

The Team: Unlike most other systems where all it takes is some equipment, a truck and watching a video to get into the carpet cleaning business, the MilliCare process requires many hours of both classroom and hands-on training before our technicians are qualified to clean your carpeting. Your Cubix team is trained to know all there is to know about carpeting, stains and the cleaning process, and our training really never stops, it just keeps making us better.

Your office or retail space projects your image, and you really can’t afford to trust an inferior cleaning process, regardless of the cost. MilliCare is the industry leader and it should be the only name you trust when it comes to carpet cleaning.  Talk to Cubix and find out more.