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MilliCare Cost Savings Calculator

Dry Care Extends the Life of Your Carpet - Calculate Your Savings with MilliCare

The best time to begin a maintenance regimen is when the carpet is new. Over time, dirt and soil will break down carpet fiber and cause long term damage. By the time you can see that the carpet is dirty, the damage to your investment has already begun. Once per year, a restorative cleaning may bring the appearance back to your carpet, but a consistent, proactive maintenance plan with a safe and proven product will keep your investment in good condition for a longer life. Use MilliCare's Cost Savings Calculator and see how much you can save with a Dry Care Program.

Benefits for Your Business with Green Carpet Care

Business is more focused on the environment than ever before. Which means you’ve probably been challenged to find more sustainable approaches to maintenance. Without any extra time or effort, you can satisfy the demand for sustainability with MilliCare by Cubix Inc..

An ongoing commercial floor cleaning and maintenance plan can contribute to earning points in four of six LEED-EBOM categories.Download MilliCare's Green Paper to find out how MilliCare can impact your building's LEED-EBOM score.

MilliCare Environmental Impact Calculator

How do your maintenance practices affect the environment? How much water and power are you using with traditional cleaning methods? And how much could you save with MilliCare by Cubix Inc.? Use MilliCare's Environmetal Impact Calculator to find out now

MilliCare Cleaning Compliancy Documentation

MilliCare by Cubix Inc. services are compliant with the top eight carpet manufacturers. Click a logo to download the Cleaning Compliancy documentation:

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  • “We’re specifying only Milliken carpet and working exclusively with Cubix.”

    - Neil S, Facilities Manager
  • “We have full trust in them. These are the kind of vendor relationships I like to have.”

    - John H. District Maintenance Supervisor
  • “I can’t believe Cubix got the tile back to such good condition.”

    - Bing T, Athletic Director, Polk State College
  • “The Milliken carpeting is better than any other brand; I have seen this first-hand.”

    - Neil S, Facilities Manager
  • “I have yet to complain about a problem… We have full trust in Cubix.”

    - John H, District Maintenance Supervisor
  • “It's hard to believe that we didn't install new tile. It is really a dramatic difference.”

    - Gary M, Director of Plant Operations
  • “Whether I need new carpeting installed, old carpeting cleaned or tile and grout cleaned, Cubix handles it all for us.”

    - Toni G. Facilities Manager
  • “Cubix went well above and beyond expectations and we got much more than our money’s worth.”

    - Toni G, Facilities Supervisor
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