MilliCare - Your Best Choice In Commercial Carpet is Milliken

Your Best Choice In Commercial Carpet is Milliken

Milliken Carpet.. and Your Best Choice in Installation and Maintenance is Cubix

Milliken modular and broadloom carpet is manufactured by an industry leader with a 140-year legacy for excellence in quality, design, service and environmental stewardship. Milliken has won numerous international awards for excellence and maintains the world’s largest carpet research center.

Cubix has been the single source for sustainable floor care solutions in Central Florida for more than 10 years. Offering sales, installation and maintenance of carpeting and other floor systems, Cubix has consistently earned top awards for both Milliken carpet sales and the proprietary MilliCare dry-based carpet and textile cleaning process. Cubix personnel are trained professionals and the company’s products and procedures are environmentally responsible.

Clients include some of Central Florida’s largest corporations, schools and government complexes. Here’s a summary of just a few recent projects, including the impressions that the facility managers have about Cubix and Milliken:




If your facility qualifies for group pricing incentives on installed carpeting and carpet maintenance offered through GSA and the State of Florida, then you already know that you’re getting the best possible price. So why not choose the best available commercial carpeting, installed and maintained the local company that consistently ranks as one of the industry’s best.  Choose Milliken carpet and Cubix, Inc.

Available under GSA and State of Florida contract purchasing