MilliCare - Why Vacuum?

Why Vacuum?

Keep Your Carpet CleanAs evening falls, the janitorial staff enters your facility. They empty waste baskets and wipe down countertops. Some of the staff have vacuuming on their to-do lists, but is it being performed properly or even at all?

Daily vacuuming with a vacuum that carries the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval helps to improve the overall decor and feeling of cleanliness in a facility, but there are also cost savings and health benefits that stem from this service.

As a leader in the carpet cleaning and textile care industry, we encourages daily carpet vacuuming as a way to achieve three distinct goals:

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Microscopic particles are all around you; volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, dust, pollen and other air contaminants linger in the air and are inhaled. These can cause allergies to worsen and germs to spread. How does vacuuming help? A carpet collects these particles as they fall out of the air. The particles then sit in the carpet and, as people walk around, the particles are cycled back into the air. Vacuuming helps break this cycle by catching particles that have fallen to the carpet before they can be recirculated.

Reduce Fungus and Bacteria Growth

As dirt builds up in your carpet, it carries bacteria, fungi or even dust mites along with it. Carpet becomes a breeding ground for microscopic organisms that can fester, causing sickness and allergies to spread. Fortunately, when vacuuming draws out the dirt, the germs and bacteria are pulled out too and don't have an opportunity to build up.

Increase Carpet Longevity

Carpet is a significant investment. Once installed, employees and guests walk across it daily tracking in sand, dirt, organic matter and other debris on the soles of their shoes and belongings. In fact, dirt can be made up of as much as 90% sand and minerals. As these rough particles are ground into carpet fibers, they scratch at the fiber surface and cause wear and tear each day. If dirt is left unchecked, it will eventually cause irreversible damage to the appearance and performance of carpet fibers. Vacuuming, however, pulls the dirt, dust, food particles and other matter from the carpet so it is no longer rubbing against the fiber. This helps extend the life and appearance of the carpet.

Demo Showing Carpet Damage

A demo showing how carpet fibers can be damaged when dirt isn't vacuumed away.

In terms of both cost savings and environmental wellness, daily vacuuming with a Carpet and Rug Institute recommended vacuum is a necessity for any facility. In addition to routine vacuuming, scheduled carpet maintenance should be added to restore carpet pile and remove stubborn spots and stains. If you are looking to take carpet care off your to-do list, let's talk today!