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Our Approach

More than just quality service...

For decades our customers have praised the level of care we provide them. At MilliCare by EBC Carpet Services - Wilmington, we have decided we can no longer measure customer satisfaction as our primary indicator of “quality.” Today, we are looking to achieve an even higher standard – a standard of performance excellence at each of our engagements.

...excellent service

In order to successfully deliver on a promise of performance excellence, we actively involve our customers in designing custom maintenance programs for their facilities. EBC Account Managers, Operations Managers, and customer representatives review needs and determine the optimal maintenance program for each site. Collaborating together with you, our customer, ensures that we understand your expectations, providing us with the knowledge we need to exceed expectations and achieve performance excellence.

Our Vision Statement

Custom care for each customer and each facility

MilliCare by EBC Carpet Services - Wilmington recognizes that every facility is different, and we know that time is valuable. Our flexible commercial floor cleaning services allow us to provide care whenever and wherever it is needed. Our goal is to take the worry out of maintaining the carpet and other surfaces in your facility so that you can move on to more important issues. EBC Carpet Services and the MilliCare network is the largest and most experienced group of carpet maintenance companies in the country. You can count on us to:

  • Prolong the life cycle of your carpet and upholstery for years beyond conventional cleaning systems
  • Help your buildings both look and feel clean for your employees and guests
  • Provide long-term financial savings over other cleaning service providers

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  • “This is a great group of committed employees – I am proud to be a customer.”

    - Happy EBC Client
  • “After introducing the dry powder cleaning method, the MAA (BWI Airport) quickly observed positive results.”

    - Deputy Director Maryland Aviation Administration
  • “They continually seek input from us in order to customize the program to suit our needs”

    - Happy EBC Client
  • “We believe we have extended the life of the carpet at least 3 years beyond expectations.”

    - Happy EBC Client
  • “The system used by EBC is the best!”

    - Happy EBC Client
  • “If all my contractors worked like EBC, my job would be a breeze.”

    - Happy EBC Client
  • “The sales and service staff exceed when it comes to responsiveness.”

    - Happy EBC Client
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