MilliCare - Do You Need Us

Who Needs EBC?

Facilities Manager

The last thing facilities managers need to worry about is carpet and textile maintenance. Using MilliCare by EBC Carpet Services - Wilmington will:

  • Save you time
  • Improve performance reviews
  • Decrease the building maintenance hassle

Executives and Managers

A clean office sends a message about the health and vitality of your organization, and how you clean is important to your organization’s impact on the community. MilliCare by EBC Carpet Services - Wilmington will:

  • Improve your overall image
  • Help recruit and retain employees
  • Allow you to reduce your company’s environmental footprint


By keeping the workspace and air around your employees clean, it shows you care about them and the environment in which they work. MilliCare by EBC Carpet Services - Wilmington partners with you to:

  • Help your employees feel happy and loyal
  • Increase productivity in the workplace
  • Improve indoor air quality (IAQ)

Human Resources

Next to compensation and benefits, the physical workplace is the number one influence on whether an employee accepts or leaves a job. MilliCare by EBC Carpet Services - Wilmington makes it easier to:

  • Improve the satisfaction of your employees
  • Attract and retain good employees
  • Reduce the instances of sick-building-related illness

Customers & Guests

Whether subconsciously or consciously, customers and guests take note when your space is clean. MilliCare by EBC Carpet Services - Wilmington services allow you to:

  • Make a positive impression on your customers
  • Increase sales
  • Receive repeat business
  • “The sales and service staff exceed when it comes to responsiveness.”

    - Happy EBC Client
  • “We believe we have extended the life of the carpet at least 3 years beyond expectations.”

    - Happy EBC Client
  • “The system used by EBC is the best!”

    - Happy EBC Client
  • “After introducing the dry powder cleaning method, the MAA (BWI Airport) quickly observed positive results.”

    - Deputy Director Maryland Aviation Administration
  • “They continually seek input from us in order to customize the program to suit our needs”

    - Happy EBC Client
  • “This is a great group of committed employees – I am proud to be a customer.”

    - Happy EBC Client
  • “If all my contractors worked like EBC, my job would be a breeze.”

    - Happy EBC Client
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