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Just twenty minutes. And you’re left with air that’s fresh, clean and safe for everyone and the environment.

Oh no!

A milk container was spilled over the weekend. By Monday morning, that smell is everywhere. It’s awful. You can’t work. You can’t even be in there. Big problem.

Old food and garbage. Dampness. A sweaty locker room. Stale cigarette smoke. Spilled perfume. There are hundreds of odors that can literally stop the workflow. And make your facility smell anything but clean. We have the tools to help you take care of your space and the people in it.

Your space will not only look cleaner, but will feel fresh, too. Why? MilliCare by Advanced Green Solutions’s proprietary commercial carpet cleaning maintenance system has been proven to remove up to 99% of the pollutants from your carpet—preventing them from becoming airborne.

Carpet Maintenance System

Twenty Minutes to Freshness

Our Air Care odor neutralizing solution is not just a temporary cover up. It permanently neutralizes and eliminates odors on a molecular level, giving you a renewed sense of clean in only twenty minutes.

Forget offensive chemical residues and smells. Our technology is safe, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. That’s clean and green for you, your customers, and for the planet.

Get the day back on track. We’ll eliminate the odors. You’ll erase their unpleasant memory. And everyone will be able to work comfortably once again.

milliCare by Advanced Green Solutions

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  • “In the past getting our carpets cleaned was a nightmare! Now the job is professionally done, easily arranged, and spotlessly completed”

    - Joy K, Office Manager, Levine Leichtman Capital Partners
  • “It looks great, smells great, and I think sales went up as well.”

    - Barry G, Sales Manager, Life Alert
  • “You and your crew were prompt, thorough and my carpets and furniture look great.”

    - Chris S, American Relocation & Logistics
  • “Even several parents noticed something looked different, and they asked if my carpet was new.”

    - Amy E, Owner, My Gym Toluca Lake
  • “Immediately upon completion, my flooring is revived and immaculate as if it were brand new, removing any trace of foot traffic, stains and/or odors.”

    - Evan G, owner, Gaskin Properties
  • “They made it extremely easy to coordinate our office carpet cleaning needs.”

    - Joyce T, Assistant Manager, The Pacifica Company
  • “Not only were they able to get out multiple old, big, dark, ink stains, they made our 10 year old carpets look brand new again!”

    - Christine V, Office Manager, CCI
  • “I’ve used this service myself, and now I recommend it to all my clients.”

    - Mike C, Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams
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