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It’s there. Everyone can see it. That stain! It’s always there. Catching their eye. Staring back at them. Driving them crazy! But they don’t know how to get rid of it. They don’t know who to turn to.

Let them know you’ve got the answer.

If They Can Spill It, We Can Clean It

Nothing stands out like a spot. That’s why our technicians are experts at carpet spot removal. MilliCare by Advanced Green Solutions can ensure your stains are gone. For good.

Splashes. Spills. Smudges. Dribbles. Leaks. Overflows.

Coffee. Soft drinks. Mud. Grime. Grease. Ink. Gum.

We’ve seen it all. Our technicians are schooled in our industry-leading certification program. (In fact, the MilliCare Technician Training Program is an IICRC certified school.) We give our partners a range of equipment and products specially formulated for different stains.

There is a stain removal technology that’s right for you. We have it. We’ll bring it. We’ll put it to work. And just like that, you’re the hero. That’s what happens when you work with a company that cares about your needs.

milliCare by Advanced Green Solutions

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  • “In the past getting our carpets cleaned was a nightmare! Now the job is professionally done, easily arranged, and spotlessly completed”

    - Joy K, Office Manager, Levine Leichtman Capital Partners
  • “Everything was awesome!”

    - Emma H, Owner, My Gym Pasadena
  • “I’ve used this service myself, and now I recommend it to all my clients.”

    - Mike C, Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams
  • “You and your crew were prompt, thorough and my carpets and furniture look great.”

    - Chris S, American Relocation & Logistics
  • “Even several parents noticed something looked different, and they asked if my carpet was new.”

    - Amy E, Owner, My Gym Toluca Lake
  • “It looks great, smells great, and I think sales went up as well.”

    - Barry G, Sales Manager, Life Alert
  • “Not only were they able to get out multiple old, big, dark, ink stains, they made our 10 year old carpets look brand new again!”

    - Christine V, Office Manager, CCI
  • “They made it extremely easy to coordinate our office carpet cleaning needs.”

    - Joyce T, Assistant Manager, The Pacifica Company
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