MilliCare - It’s Not Easy Being Green: A NREI webinar featuring AGS

It’s Not Easy Being Green: A NREI webinar featuring AGS

Green buildings and sustainable construction continues to be the hot topic within commercial real estate circles. However, the recession slowed momentum a bit. Some cost-conscious owners and developers are reluctant to incur expensive green retrofits in the short term, regardless of promised long-term savings through lower operating expenses. But the commercial real estate industry may not have a choice in the matter. Federal, state and local agencies continue to mandate higher levels of energy efficiency and green building practices. California is often on the leading edge of this trend by adopting some of the most progressive green laws and regulations in the nation. As these laws go into effect they have the potential to transform the marketplace.This webinar will review the California experience to date, explain what investors and owners should expect as new codes come into the picture and examine how the interplay between new regulation and market forces will affect the design and operation of environmentally friendly building within the Golden State and nationally.Also, this program will examine the costs and benefits of going green and how that will impact future projects, including government-funded projects. And it will look at how lenders approach underwriting of green and sustainable buildings. Lastly, aside from mandated codes, changes are afoot in the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating system.

Join us as our panel of experts explore what’s coming down the pike and how it may affect greening existing buildings and future sustainable construction.

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