MilliCare - AGS Featured In This Month’s CM/Cleanfax Magazine – sort of

AGS Featured In This Month’s CM/Cleanfax Magazine – sort of

Advanced Green Solutions found ourselves someplace at the nexus of “all press is good press” and “be careful what you say online because you never know where it might show up,” when AGS co-founder “Mike” Gottlieb opened up this month’s edition of CM/Cleanfax Magazine.

On page 60, one Mike Gottlieb was included in the magazine’s Bulletin Board feature on services that maintenance providers offer. At first, I thought it was ironic that there was another Mike Gottlieb in the facility maintenance field until I realized that the Mike Gottlieb quoted was this Mike Gottlieb. Apparently a comment I made in an email on what services we offer constituted a quote that was now printed and distributed in a national magazine.

After seeing Michael Gottlieb in print a few thousand times the thrill is gone, especially in an feature that also discusses cleaning dog urine, but then again all press is good press, especially when we have a chance to promote Advanced Green Solutions.