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Why People Are More Productive in a Clean Work Environment

Benefits Of A Clean Work EnviornmentClean is happy

Why people are more productive in a clean work environment

How do you feel when you are not clean? Most likely, you feel grimy, unpleasant and discontented. The same can be said for a messy workplace. When your working environment is dirty, workers tend to follow suit, being disorganized, lazy and inefficient. It’s vital to keep your workplace clean with a floor cleaning company like EcoDry.

A clean slate, clean living and cleaning up your act are all ways to describe a fresh start and new mode of thinking. A clean work environment can achieve those behaviors as well. You will soon find that your people are more productive in an orderly working atmosphere and it may start with choosing the right New Jersey office floor cleaning service.

The benefits of a clean work environment

Employee happiness

A study conducted by Office Max revealed that approximately 75 percent of workers admit the condition of their workplace affects their productivity. A chaotic office space can wreak havoc on areas like state of mind and motivation. When workers have to spend countless hours looking for the right paperwork or forms, nothing else can get done.

Make a good impression

When visitors come to your location, they may not say anything about the cleanliness of your floors, but they always notice. In business, impressions are everything. Clean floors act as a silent message, saying you care about your appearance, employees and reputation. A recent survey conducted by a national staffing company showed that most people consider a messy office as a sign of laziness, which is how they will also view your company.

Floor cleaning gives you a safe workspace

Slips and falls are some of the most common causes for workplace injuries. According to data from OSHA, slips and falls account for about $15 billion in disability claims and is the second leading cause of fatal accidents, behind transportation-related deaths. In addition, there is also a category for slips without falls, which costs another $3 billion. This is often the result of floors that are wet, dirty or slippery.

It’s vital to keep your company from paying into those numbers. The problem can be prevented by thorough office floor cleaning. Finding a company that can assess your needs and provide the best cleaning products and solutions will help you protect your office, workers and the public.

Prevention of illnesses

In a closed office environment, germs and illnesses can easily spread, especially during cold and flu seasons. The unpredictable weather in New Jersey can make us particularly vulnerable.

Disinfecting surfaces and objects is the key to preventing sickness and contagion. This can be specifically important for hospital floor cleaning, where infections can spread quickly if not dealt with in a timely fashion. Hospital workers must constantly wash hands and sterilize used medical tools. Since workers, visitors and patients all walk on the floors, the same kind of attention should be given to them as well.

Studies show a direct correlation between a clean office space and employee health. Some say that office cleaning should be included in human resources or healthcare costs, since it plays such a huge part in employee health. When employees are healthy, they take fewer sick days, which in turn leads to a more productive workplace.

To stay on the right side of the law

Some industries are governed by rules established by OSHA for workplace safety guidelines. For example, you must abide by directives concerning unobstructed doorways, pest control and waste disposal. Hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other businesses that prepare and sell food typically must answer to the State Department of Health, which has its own regulations. The cleanliness of floors is a major part of passing inspections.

Keep workspaces clutter-free

Piles of trash, recyclables, food and other debris can pose hazardous conditions, just waiting for an accident to happen. In addition, these piles may attract insects, rodents and be a breeding ground for a host of critters. These pests can bring diseases and discomfort to your office environment. Keeping your floors clean and clear will improve the flow of people, information and ideas.

Saves you money

A clean work setting can protect the assets of your building, like floors, carpets and wood and tile surfaces and partitions. With an extended lifespan, this means you won’t have to spend money replacing them as often, which keeps more cash in your pocket for growth initiatives.

Why a New Jersey commercial floor cleaner is essential for your business

When considering all the components of your company’s success, many of the typical, tangible aspects likely come to mind. Factors such as delivering a quality product, having exceptional customer service and selecting the right location are all fundamental in getting your business where it is today. However, there are also numerous, intangible dynamics that you must count as well, such as a welcoming atmosphere, high standards and proper cleaning should be added to the equation.

How to generate a clean work environment for better productivity

Make cleanliness a part of your overall office culture – post signs and reminders about the benefits of an uncluttered workspace. Also, remember that it’s crucial to lead by example.

Establish a schedule of cleaning tasks – sometimes things get super busy and it can be difficult for staff to find the time to clean. This allows dirt to pile up and soon you will be left with an even bigger mess. Instead, make sure your staff is given ample time for this task, as it will serve you better in the long term. In addition to workspaces, don’t forget bathrooms, break rooms, and entryway areas with high traffic.

Reward employees for a clean work area — You could make this a part of your annual reviews or even have quarterly contest for the most creative work area to encourage employees to continuously think about cleanliness.

Have your commercial floors in New Jersey professionally cleaned – using a professional floor cleaning service, like Eco Dry, with a regular cleaning regimen can protect your assets and your business. The proper removal of dirt and buildup from your office floors is vital for cleanliness, safety and appearance.