MilliCare - Advantages of Clean Office Floors

Advantages of Clean Office Floors

Clean Office FloorsAre your floors really clean?

Typically, maintenance staff is contracted to clean work environments. Hopefully they give proper attention to the floors – sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and polishing, but are your floors really clean?  Substandard and incorrect cleaning products combined with untrained staff can have a negative impact on the aesthetic of your office.

Proper floor care is essential for employee health, safety and productivity in your business. It also determines how clients, job prospects and visitors view your company. Therefore, it’s vital to make sure it’s done thoroughly, efficiently and professionally.

Why the EcoDry method is better

Developed 30 years ago to address the needs of the commercial environment, EcoDry uses the MilliCare process of cleaning floors and furniture.  The carpet cleaning process incorporates “dry” or low moisture cleaning products and equipment and is the most frequently recommended technique of carpet cleaning by major carpet manufacturers.  Outdated carpet cleaning processes may void carpet warranties, i.e. spin bonnet.  Other floor and furniture surfaces require expertise to properly clean and restore them.

EcoDry is based in Clifton, New Jersey and works with businesses throughout NJ and NY.  We belong to a network of MilliCare professionals across the US and internationally so we are able to service your needs in many areas.  EcoDry uses highly trained, qualified technicians you can trust.

Our full line of services includes cleaning floors, furniture, textiles and workstations panels in the commercial environment. We do general floor maintenance as well as tile and grout care, entryway systems, protective coatings and preventative care, i.e. Stain guard.

We schedule work at the convenience of our customers (usually nights and weekends) and our technicians work side by side with other janitorial teams and strive for seamless execution.

Advantages of having clean office floors

Creates a welcoming atmosphere

When office carpet, floors and furniture are dirty, people notice. You want employees to feel happy when coming to work and visitors to feel comfortable. A clean safe environment is a productive environment.

Provides an easy way to improve your décor

Clean floors add to the aesthetics of your office space. You’d be surprised at how much better everything will look just by giving the floors a new shine or deep cleaning your carpet – it can be transforming.

Sets the standard for office operations

When floors are messy, dirty or cluttered, it sets the standard for your entire organization. When you don’t care about how things look, that can spill over into your office image, culture and morale. It fosters an overall lackadaisical attitude about work, performance and service. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness encourages the same behavior in others and creates a sense of pride.

Dangers that can happen when your floors aren’t clean

Injuries –Spills can make your floors slippery and unsafe.  If someone is hurt while at your location, the liability can be significant. EcoDry provides high performance coatings that will guard against slip and fall and lessen the need for maintenance.

Sickness – for the sake of energy efficiency, most professional buildings are tightly sealed, using mechanical ventilation systems to circulate the air. However, factors like pesticides, cleaning products, dust, paint and construction work can leave residue on walls, furniture and floors, which people then breathe in on a daily basis. Employees can experience nausea, headaches, dizziness and respiratory issues as a result. Studies show that building-related sickness cost businesses billions of dollars every year in lost productivity and increased health care claims.  Professionally cleaning your space will minimize unhealthy complications.

Tarnished reputation – the appearance of your office space is a reflection of your company overall. Dirty, dingy floors and stained carpet and furniture casts a negative light on your entire operation. If your floors are dull and faded, that’s the way people will view your business.

Increased costs – Quality regular maintenance will keep your furnishings looking better for longer – extending their lifecycle and increasing their ROI.

How often should you have your floors professionally cleaned?

Surfaces in high traffic areas can look filthy in a matter of days. Just one day of inclement weather can wreak havoc.  Every environment is unique so there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

To determine a cleaning schedule that is right for you, it’s crucial to look at several factors. What is the function of your building? How much traffic do you experience on a typical day? What are the environmental factors?

Since first impressions are vital, you must make sure that your entry way and reception is impressive and pristine. You may want to handle other areas on an as-needed basis.

Carpets can retain germs and bacteria.  Regular vacuuming is recommended with a high quality commercial vacuum and deep cleaning is necessary on a regular basis.  This will eliminate the kind of hidden grime, germs and allergens that can affect employee health.  Anywhere food is consumed (and potentially spilled) and bathroom areas may require extra attention.

Upholstery can become stained quite easily. Beverage mishaps, soil and dirt from outside and even denim rubbing off on the fabric can make your furniture appear old and neglected. These issues should be handled as soon as possible.  Speedy removal of spots insures best results.

EcoDry, has the proper technicians, equipment and products necessary to handle deep cleaning safely and efficiently. It will be transforming and building occupants will notice and appreciate the improvement.