MilliCare - Restorative Care Using Millicare Carpet Cleaning

Restorative Care Using Millicare Carpet Cleaning

Restorative CareWhen you’ve waited too long to clean the carpet, bringing it back to a like new condition can be very challenging. A deep, restorative carpet cleaning may prove necessary if it’s been neglected to bring your carpet back to a near new level of appearance. Most commercial carpets are treated with a stain guard so will clean up beautifully when using the right cleaning products and equipment. Soils, dirt and sand left on carpet will accelerate the wear and tear and cause it to dull out prematurely.  MilliCare uses products that will not only remove soils and debris, but also cleaning products left behind by previous carpet cleaning companies. Our technicians will evaluate the severity of soiling to your carpet and develop a plan to bring it back to as close to its original state as possible.

A restorative carpet cleaning and care plan will include the following:

Step 1: Clean

Our technicians will use MilliCare’s dry carpet cleaning process. Our deep carpet cleaning products and equipment prove to remove more soil than any other method.  That includes the hot wet extraction method.

Step 2: Target Spots

After our initial carpet cleaning, our technicians will treat stains/areas that may be need additional work. Armed with a variety of “solutions” that will target rust, oil, ink, paint, red wine, coffee, human excrement (urine, vomit, etc.) and much more.

Step 3: Protect

As mentioned, most commercial carpet manufactured has a stain resistant barrier. Over time, this barrier becomes worn by foot traffic, aggressive cleaning products and dirt. Adding additional fiber protection will renew the protective coating so cleaning is more effective. The anti-stain technology will guard your carpet from spills setting in the fibers and changing the color permanently. Fiber protection makes vacuuming easier reducing cleaning time and maintenance and will prolong the life of your carpet. Furniture is also a great candidate for fiber protection.

Millicare can successfully help neglected carpet become restored to a near new level if caught in time. We love a challenge and a success story and offer free demonstrations so you can see the expected results. Call Jackie Lewis for a consultation of your carpet’s needs.