MilliCare - Clean, Color, Coat: Tile and Grout Care the MilliCare Way

Clean, Color, Coat: Tile and Grout Care the MilliCare Way

Clean, Color, Coat: Tile and Grout Care the MilliCare  Way

Facility and property managers are tasked with creating positive experiences for guests and tenants. That’s why, when a survey about restroom uncleanliness suggests that people view dirty restrooms as a sign of poor management and a company that doesn’t care, they are quick to ensure that their facility’s restrooms sparkle.

Often, that means evaluating their tile and grout care options. Tile and grout are popular choices for restroom finishes because of their durability. However, even with routine cleaning, over time tile becomes dulled and grout takes on a dingy appearance. Even worse, porous grout absorbs odor, making the restroom appear foul and offensive.

MilliCare uses a proven three step system to help revive the appearance of tile and grout. Trained technicians:

  • Because of its porous nature, grout tends to absorb odors and organic matter, so the first step in the process is applying cleaners. The cleaners—using no harsh chemicals—degrease the tile and grout and restore them to good health.
  • To combat discoloration, color is added to the grout. With 40 colors available, the technician is able to either match the existing look or help facility managers create an entirely new tile look. The added color also helps to densify the grout, offering added strength and durability.
  • With the grime removed and color refreshed, the final step is to coat the tile and grout. This is done to reduce the risk of moisture and dirt penetrating the surface in the future so that the tile and grout remain healthy, sparkling and odor-free longer.

Of course, tile and grout is not limited to only restroom areas. From lobbies and foyers to cafeterias and storage spaces, MilliCare extends the same level of care to any area of the facility that is finished with tile and grout, helping to keep the entire space looking like new. Contact a local member of the MilliCare network to schedule a MilliCare tile and grout care demo.


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