MilliCare - Preparing for What's Next - How MilliCare Can Help

Preparing for What's Next - How MilliCare Can Help

Preparing for What's Next - How MilliCare  Can Help

There’s no doubt we’re in a period of uncertainty, challenge, and change in the management of facilities. Yet, every day, we’re seeing more examples of imaginative, innovative and compassionate actions by vendors and clients alike…all with the ultimate goal of preserving businesses and jobs through strong leadership and acts of kindness that inspire as we navigate this crisis together.

Care Is the Key

At MilliCare Floor & Textile Care, we’re finding that the best way to support you and your mission is to focus on the operative word in our name – Care. Our goal is to position ourselves to best support you as we navigate this new frontier together…and that all starts with the Care of your facilities. For us, it’s much more than cleaning your floors and textile surfaces. Sure, that’s our job and we love what we do. But during times like these, we realize the health and safety of you and your employees, as well as our own, are paramount. Our Operational Protocols are stringent to ensure our valued Technicians are safe and healthy prior to entering your buildings.

An Essential Service

While we’ve always felt our services to be important, MilliCare is now classified as an essential business. Environmental hygiene has never been more appreciated or more of a focus, which makes overall cleanliness of your floors and textiles even more vital.

Preparing for What’s Next

We are ready to Care for your space, day or night, in this moment of need. Now is the time to prepare your facility for the return of your valued associates; deep cleaning your carpets, chairs, and other soft surfaces will not only ensure a cleaner environment, but can also substantially reduce bacteria, spores, and particulate counts and improve your facility’s indoor air quality. We also have solutions for your hard surface flooring. Call us to discuss a plan for your facility.


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