MilliCare - 2020’s Favorite Flooring Trends: How to Keep Them Looking Fresh

2020’s Favorite Flooring Trends: How to Keep Them Looking Fresh

2020’s Favorite Flooring Trends: How to Keep Them Looking Fresh

Trends eventually make their way into almost every industry, including the commercial real estate (or CRE) floor covering market. Don’t be fooled, though: Carpets, tile, and hard surfaces meant for the office aren’t just for functionality. Today’s hottest flooring choices effortlessly merge practicality with eye-catching appeal.

If your office building or industrial space deserves a 2020 floor upgrade that will remain vibrant and timeless for years, consider investing in any of the following choices. After installation, you can contact a MilliCare technician to set up a total care plan that extends your new floor’s life.

Soft Colors, Natural Designs, and Open Spaces

Several years ago, many businesses began choosing a more industrial feel for their offices; think exposed ceilings, rough wood fixtures, and revitalized workstations. The resulting collaborative environments provided a place for workers to mingle and move furnishings at will. The rise of the adaptable workspace also produced an interest in combining different types of flooring in one area.

Today, the open CRE floor plan continues, encouraging companies to choose flooring types and hues that provide a go-anywhere ambiance. As a result, grays, browns, and hardwood designs now proliferate in the market, and they create neutral, versatile palettes compatible with myriad interior themes. Even carpets that echo outdoorsy shades and earthy patterns have begun to pop up. And softer flooring types that absorb sounds in larger rooms are also all the rage.

From a maintenance perspective, shared spaces have reduced the ability to pinpoint (or predict) low-, medium-, and high-traffic areas. Without set desks, dedicated work areas, and conference rooms, floor cleaning providers must be able to creatively and effectively sanitize. That’s where customized plans from MilliCare come into play — we ensure no surfaces remain untreated.

Cushioned Surfaces and Employee-Friendly Flooring

Workers care about what’s underfoot, and they’re willing to ask for flooring that will support and energize them throughout the day. Consequently, CRE leaders have begun putting dollars toward floors that keep their personnel feeling less stressed.

According to a study covering flooring’s influence on comfort and fatigue, researchers discovered that cushion-backed flooring could reduce muscle burden by 24% in comparison with floors that contained no padding. It makes sense to assume that when staff members feel less strain, they can concentrate for longer periods and improve individual productivity. Plus, they might be less likely to develop chronic medical issues such as back pain (which can be exacerbated by standing for long periods on noncushioned floors).

By focusing on enhancing employee comfort through advanced flooring, organizations could lower turnover and attract better job candidates. And with regular daily and semiannual floor maintenance, those same companies can avoid buying replacement flooring too soon.

LVT Hard Floors and Polished Concrete

If you’ve been paying attention to the flooring market, you’ve noticed the tremendous rise in the quality of luxury vinyl tile, or LVT. With its endless designs and competitive pricing, LVT’s status as the “popular kid” in the flooring space isn’t going anywhere. Not only does properly installed LVT mimic the look of pricier floors — such as oak or maple hardwood planks — it’s also low-maintenance.

Be advised that low-maintenance isn’t the same as zero maintenance, though. Many CRE facilities managers lean toward LVT flooring because they believe it requires no special attention, but that’s not true. LVT can scuff and gouge, not to mention buckle. Plus, it gets dirty just like other flooring and requires more than a quick Swiffer. Failure to maintain LVT flooring consistently will reduce its life expectancy and attractiveness.

Like LVT, polished concrete has also entered the 2020 flooring conversation. It’s perfect for numerous types of spaces and environments, but concrete floors also crave tender, loving care. Spots and spills — especially of acidic products — can leave permanent spots. To avoid etching and related issues, concrete systems must be professionally sealed to lessen dulling. On top of that, concrete should be swept daily because loose debris can scratch the floor. In time, additional sealing and occasional burnishing by technicians (such as a MilliCare technician) can keep the floor gleaming.

Bolon Flooring and Other Eco-Conscious Picks

Scandinavian-developed Bolon flooring has moved across the pond in a major way. Because it’s durable and easy to clean, this type of woven textile flooring proves that sustainability doesn’t have to be synonymous with “utilitarian.” Bolon flooring comes in a variety of designs and solid tones and presents an earth-friendly flooring option that looks amazing. There’s one thing to consider with Bolon, though: It will snag. At MilliCare , we tend to treat Bolon floors with a soft brush and all-purpose cleaner to restore it to its original visual appeal.

Of course, Bolon isn’t the only sustainable flooring option available for CRE buyers. Many manufacturers offer greener carpet and hard flooring options alongside more traditional choices. Best of all, any type of flooring can be maintained in a more environmentally friendly way by picking a dry-polymer cleaning solution like MilliCare ’s.

Being smart stewards of natural resources has been a MilliCare calling card for decades. Just a few years ago, one of our CRE clients received an award for saving more than 270,000 gallons of water and almost 24 tons of carbon emissions because it cleaned its floors with our innovative method.

Looking Beyond 2020

Most commercial facilities keep their flooring in place for several years. For that reason, what’s trending today in flooring will likely remain popular for a long time.

If you’re focused on creating an attractive workplace that could lead to improved employee retention and happier customers, start from the ground and work your way up. With just a little planning, you can find the best flooring to refresh any tired space. Perk up your entryway mats, carpeted collaborative spaces, and tiled restrooms with trendy favorites.

From carpet to tile to resilient flooring, MilliCare protects the performance of your flooring. Talk to a nearby MilliCare technician today about your floor care needs.


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