MilliCare - Deep-Down Advantages to an Environmentally Safe Clean

Deep-Down Advantages to an Environmentally Safe Clean

Deep-Down Advantages to an Environmentally Safe Clean

Cleaning services may advertise their belief in environmental awareness, but many merely give lip service to the cause. Their use of a few safer products or energy-efficient tools doesn’t guarantee a truly holistic approach to greenness.

At MilliCare , we’ve spent decades honing our commitment to being an eco-friendly leader and resource. To that end, we focus our skills and solutions on helping our partners offer stakeholders clean, healthy workplaces, as well as reap the fiscal and additional benefits of natural resources stewardship as well.

For instance, our products are Green Seal certified to GS-37, a rigorous standard that helps reduce the biological risks associated with chemical-laden industrial cleansers. Similarly, we offer WoolSafe certification to ensure clientele that our carpet cleaning polymers are safe on all textiles, even sensitive ones. From the U.S. Green Building Council to the Forest Stewardship Council, top certifiers in the environmental world have recognized MilliCare .

Still, this means little if we don’t partner with our clients to help them reach their goals now and in the future.

Deep-Down Advantages to an Environmentally Safe Clean

Despite certifications and honors, what matters most to our team members is working with customers to preserve the earth’s finite resources. At the same time, we want clients to see outcomes beyond their expectations of supremely clean flooring.

In fact, partnerships with two long-term MilliCare clients reveal just how far-reaching investing in our services can be:

1. Carpets last years longer than expected.

When a Canadian global tech distributor boasting 72,000 square feet of space purchased and installed new Milliken carpet in 1999, it didn’t expect it to look like new nearly 20 years later. In fact, most carpets in similarly sized facilities last about seven years.

However, when the organization renovated its space a few years ago, its team realized it could have kept the carpet even longer. Why? MilliCare crafted a tailored Care Plan that addressed the organization’s concerns, like wintertime debris and salt coming in through the entrances. Consequently, MilliCare ’s team came in monthly to target entryways, corridors, and hallways. Every other month, our team addressed meeting spaces. Twice a year, we conducted a comprehensive cleaning.

The routine cleaning’s consistency and exceptional service stopped the corporation’s flooring from becoming matted, soiled, and damaged — despite the area’s notoriously slushy, icy winters. At the same time, accurate billing made record keeping easy, allowing the organization to see just how much it had saved over the years by not having to replace carpets.

2. Old carpets can become moneymaking opportunities.

When most used carpets are pulled up, they’re taken straight to a landfill. Not so with some of the carpeting from the facility of a major turbine manufacturer in Orlando, Florida.

For more than 18 years, MilliCare has provided nontoxic dry polymer carpet cleaning to keep the company’s 225,000 square feet, four-story corporate building spotless. After 16 years, a rebrand necessitated new carpeting. Our client was surprised to find that much of the carpet was still usable and could be reinstalled in other facilities.

Instead of tossing the carpet in a dumpster, the business resold the best parts of the carpet. In other words, our client made money on a capital investment purchase from almost two decades before. It’s hard to find carpeting that has endured years of heavy foot traffic and still looks amazing. The Milliken carpeting at this facility that received MilliCare ’s TLC continues to function in its “next phase” of life.

3. The decision to ‘go green’ with carpet cleaning opens publicity opportunities.

In 2015, the Canadian technology company received an Environmental Recognition Award, courtesy of MilliCare . The recognition noted that since the corporation’s first MilliCare cleaning 16 years prior, it had saved 272,498 gallons of water, more than 40,000 kilowatts of energy, and nearly 24 tons of carbon emissions.

Numbers like those aren’t just nice to know and see on paper; they can become the impetus for press releases, media interviews, and competitive differentiators.

How did the company save so much? Unlike other cleaning methods, MilliCare uses encapsulation, which reduces water usage by 99.5 percent. At the same time, MilliCare ’s standard energy consumption per visit averages more than 300 percent less than its competitors’. Some MilliCare customers say the cleaning protocols save them 85 percent in electricity usage every visit (compared to their experiences with other cleaning companies.) In the short term, the benefits of those savings are attractive; in the long term, they’re phenomenal.

All buildings have floors, but that’s where their similarities end. Consequently, MilliCare concentrates on establishing green Care Plans that fit the unique needs of each location. From Ontario to Orlando, companies interested in working with authentic, environmentally friendly vendors turn to us for guidance and amazing results. In return, we strive to give our clients attractive, fresh-smelling flooring with a multitude of benefits.


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