MilliCare - The Best Bathroom Cleaning and Sealing for Your Business

The Best Bathroom Cleaning and Sealing for Your Business

The Best Bathroom Cleaning and Sealing for Your Business

When speaking of bathrooms, especially public ones, tile and grout floors are called a lot of things — but elegant? Fresh-smelling? Pristine? Facility managers who assume little can be done about restroom floors with blackened, unpleasant grout rarely use those terms.

What many people don’t realize is that an ounce of upfront protection or a one-time restoration is all it takes to bring a grout bathroom floor to an incredible luster, even if years have passed.

How is this possible? By understanding and eliminating basic grout issues.

What You Should Know About Grout

Grout is extremely functional and cost-effective, but it’s also a very porous material. When water and other liquids touch its surface, they inevitably deposit dirt below the floor line in places that are difficult to clean using traditional methods. Over time, the grout begins to darken, discolor, stain, and take on odors.

MilliCare’s proprietary system bypasses common problems to cleaning bathroom floors by not only sanitizing the tiles with environmentally sensitive products containing no harsh chemicals, but by also removing organic materials from the grout. This protocol lifts bacteria locked in the grout, revealing the original joint color. As an added benefit, the MilliCare process enhances the grout with an added densifier and sealer, strengthening and protecting the floor.

The MilliCare cleaning system is available in more than 40 colors and can even get extremely damaged, discolored grout close to its original color for a new tile floor appearance. And surprisingly, it takes very little time to get the job done.

Steps for a Beautiful Bathroom Floor

What can you expect when you choose to partner with MilliCare to refresh and revitalize dirty tile and grout floors? First, a cleaner will be used to degrease the tile and grout, removing organic materials from the joints. Next, the grout will be densified and sealed. Finally, we recommend applying any of MilliCare ’s Performance Coating options to keep out moisture without utilizing harsh chemicals. Our goal is to practice environmentally responsible cleaning methods featuring low-odor products that safely produce top-notch results.

And what do those results look like? One local church was stunned to discover that its tile and grout could have new life. Though cleaning staff had diligently mopped the floors twice a week, the floors had taken on a decidedly unappealing color and odor. After MilliCare ’s intervention, the first comment the facility manager made was, “Wow! It smells so much better!”

Another organization came to us because it had done nothing to its bathroom floors for 15 years. Not only were we able to clean the floors, but we also coated them so they were protected against future discoloration and bacteria absorption.

Whether you’re in need of a full restoration for a tile and grout bathroom floor that’s lost its attractiveness or you want to protect a new installation investment with MilliCare ’s help, contact us today. Our solution helps all floors look new year after year with minimal maintenance and maximum results.


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