MilliCare - MilliCare and Property Management Firms Are Partnering to Produce Cleaner Buildings for Corporate Clients

MilliCare and Property Management Firms Are Partnering to Produce Cleaner Buildings for Corporate Clients

Flooring might be an afterthought at most companies, but national and international property management firms understand clean and safe hard floors, carpets, and tiled surfaces are serious business for their clients. Though flooring isn’t something most people rave about, it’s something they’ll complain about if it looks shabby or unattended.

For instance, dirty bathroom grout that has absorbed organic materials inevitably looks run-down and smells foul. Similarly, carpet that hasn’t been regularly maintained and is matted or stained gives off an unpolished appearance. And entryways slippery with dirt and debris immediately take down the ambiance of an environment. On the other hand, bright, pleasant-smelling spaces translate to higher employee productivity and a positive first impression among a workforce, buyers, vendors, and investors.

To combat unwanted negativity — not to mention improve overall office indoor air quality and basic hygienic practices — property management firms routinely turn over their flooring solutions to MilliCare . That way, they don’t have to focus on what’s underfoot because it’s completely customized and taken care of by experts.

Consistent, Unique Floor Care for Any Situation

Although MilliCare offers numerous advantages, one of its strongest selling points is its proprietary dry polymer system that requires very little water or energy. Instead of drenching carpets in watered-down chemicals, MilliCare ’s technicians lift up particulate and stains from deep in the fibers without creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Plus, the textiled floor can be used immediately without the need for downtime.

On harder floor surfaces, MilliCare uses similarly thorough, cost-effective products to bring even stained, bad-smelling grout to like-new condition. From durable and slip-resistant performance coatings to systems specifically designed for high-traffic entrances and exits, the MilliCare products enable all property management companies to extend the life span of their floor investments through innovative solutions.

As one senior facility manager from CBRE noted, “They [MilliCare ] revived our carpet and added two additional years before having to replace the asset. It was an incredible cost savings.”

Cloud-Based Tailored Care Plans Keep Everyone in the Loop

A huge time and money waster is carpet or hard floor maintenance programs that don’t consider the needs of individual spaces. For instance, many spots require only annual cleaning, not everyday attention. Other places may be best served with weekly, biweekly, or monthly deep cleans. Some locales are used so infrequently that they can be set to an “as-needed” service schedule.

How does MilliCare determine which maintenance frequency aligns with the clientele of property management firms? Our highly trained technicians systematically go through all firms’ client buildings and report back with recommendations. Once agreed upon, the property management firm has direct access to a cloud-based portal that allows for real-time evaluation of all past, current, and future floor cleaning progress.

These account capabilities allow firm representatives to track program statuses, manage their budgets, order special requests, make program changes, and even cancel pre-arranged visits. This ensures consistent, quality service. It also fosters a trusting partnership between property management firms and their MilliCare Strategic Account representatives, something one facility manager from BlackRock particularly values: “MilliCare saves us money. Saves us stress. They find a way, they work with us. We feel important because they make us feel important.”

Project Managed Flooring Solutions for Property Management Firms

Looking for a hands-off way to ensure floors in the buildings your firm manages are always pristine? Let MilliCare take the responsibility. Contact a MilliCare representative today for a consultation on the benefits of our corporate cleaning options. On-site demonstrations are also available to showcase our capabilities and work.


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