MilliCare - The Partners You Need to Truly Go Green

The Partners You Need to Truly Go Green

To be green, companies must commit wholeheartedly to not only incorporating natural resources stewardship into their own practices and output, but also to working with like-minded vendors. Quite simply, an organization can be eco-conscientious to the nth degree, yet it’s missing a puzzle piece if its partners aren’t also green.

If you’re truly trying to change the way business occurs in your field, you owe it to your brand, people, and customers to be selective about the partners you select. Vet your relationships to ensure they align with your core values. That way, you’ll feel great about hitching your wagon to your vendors’.

Read more in this article, as Stephen Lewis, MilliCare ’s Technical Director, shares some of the partner relationships it’s important to consider in the quest to go green.


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