MilliCare - MilliCare Has Perfected Carpet Cleaning for Your Law Office

MilliCare Has Perfected Carpet Cleaning for Your Law Office


As one of the more than 1 million individuals working in a public, private, or government law position, you’re always delivering a professional image to prospects, clients, vendors, and job candidates. Not only are you asking them to put trust in everyone in your office (from the managing partner to the associate’s paralegal), but you’re also likely requesting hundreds of dollars an hour for exceptional legal services.

In this type of demanding, high-expectation environment, you must maintain a pristine atmosphere in all your common and sequestered areas, including the lobby, conference rooms, restrooms, and office spaces. After all, the perceived cleanliness of a law firm could make or break your weekly billable goals; it could also affect your firm or lawyer ratings on Google or sites like

However, you can’t choose just any maintenance provider; your employees and clients deserve to reap the rewards that come from picking a service team that treats floor care with integrity and confidence.

For years, MilliCare has focused on bringing healthy, pristine atmospheres to law offices. Lawyers and legal teams prefer working with us for several key reasons:

1. Our system poses no risk to documents. Though we live in a digital age, law firms rely heavily on paper documents, files, and images. Many lawyers’ spaces contain a multitude of folders and loose forms. Ordinary carpet cleaning processes rely on water and steam to flood the carpet; consequently, they can be detrimental in areas where paper is a standard form of documentation and communication. However, MilliCare ’s dry-anchored proprietary system for sanitizing carpeting removes all concern of damaging lawyers' papers.

2. We work around lawyers’ needs. Attorneys and support staff regularly work round-the-clock, and we understand that. Accordingly, our badged, credentialed, and uniformed technicians promote peace of mind. In addition, our dry chemistry process mitigates interruptions thanks to little to no downtime required. Law firm employees can enter cleaned areas immediately without worry or delay.

3. Our products promote better air quality. When Adecco measured people’s reactions to other workers’ spaces, more than half acknowledged they based their feelings on how clean or dirty they keep their workspaces. However, even individuals whose offices are spotless naturally contribute dirt, dust, pollen, and other particulate into the air. Eventually, those sometimes microscopic items fall to the floor, promoting unwanted smells and stains. MilliCare’s environmentally conscious products lift even unseen particles from carpeting, leaving an environment more conducive to healthy working.

4. We have a supervisor at each job site. It’s no secret that law firms are sites of private information. For this reason, lawyers and firm owners appreciate knowing every well-trained MilliCare team is headed by the same supervisor each time. Not only does this provide a legacy knowledge in terms of customer wants and needs, but it also reduces friction points like understanding building security protocol, access procedures, and parking requirements.

5. Our company has locations around the nation. Does your law firm have multiple offices? We deeply understand the desire to partner with the same floor-cleaning provider for each locale — that's why we offer regional and national capabilities. Plus, we’ve been a national business partner of the Association of Legal Administrators for more than 10 years.

Professionalism? Check.

Diagnostics? Check.

Customized, affordable floor care? Check.

Where else can you find a partner that values continuous education and training as much as you and your colleagues? Let us show you how convenient and economical it can be to get the best, most seamless cleaning services for your office.

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