MilliCare - The Biggest Threat to Sustainable Carpet

The Biggest Threat to Sustainable Carpet

While installing carpet that's from a sustainable source is an environmentally responsible decision, it can certainly be costly. Maintaining that investment is a top priority - that's why it's important to know that the biggest threat to sustainable carpet is moisture.

How moisture damages carpets

Sustainable carpets made of natural fibers (from animal or plant sources like wool or bamboo) have a greater risk of water damage than those made of synthetic fibers (from man-made, recycled materials like nylon or polypropylene). The reason they are especially susceptible to moisture is that natural fibers are extremely absorbent, making them more difficult to dry and more inclined to shrink when they have dried. Their natural state includes no inherent moisture-repellent component, so any colored liquid spilled on them is challenging to remove as it is so quickly absorbed.

Whether the carpet fibers are natural or synthetic, the growth of mold or mildew is a very real threat, stemming entirely from moisture not drying quickly. Mold and mildew can cause problems that go far beyond impacting the lifespan of sustainable carpet by damaging the facility's indoor air quality (IAQ) and harming employees' health.

How to prevent moisture

When choosing to install sustainable carpets, maintenance should be a top consideration. Sustainable carpet with natural fibers is not a good option for areas that see a number of spills as it will not be cost effective due to the carpet's absorbency.

For areas where sustainable carpet is a good fit, employ dry cleaning methods rather than hot water extraction when having sustainable carpet professionally cleaned, especially those with natural fibers. In extreme cases, when carpets have seen significant amounts of soil and moisture must be applied, be sure to dry them quickly and thoroughly to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

After investing a significant amount of money into sustainable carpet, be sure to consider sustainable maintenance options as well, as more resources are saved through employing sustainable cleaning methods. Contact us today to learn how MilliCare 's dry approach can ward off the biggest threat to sustainable carpet: moisture.


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