MilliCare - MilliCare 's Dry Approach vs. Encapsulation Cleaning

MilliCare 's Dry Approach vs. Encapsulation Cleaning

It's typical in a commercial setting to find carpet cleaners employing what the industry calls a "very low moisture" method (VLM). VLM is the antithesis of hot water extraction, and in order for a method to qualify as VLM, it must have quick dry times of less than two hours. There are a variety of VLM methods available, but they are not all equally effective. The most popular VLM method, encapsulation cleaning, falls short to the MilliCare approach.

What is encapsulation cleaning?

In the 1990s, new polymer technology began encapsulating soil particles. Polymers attach to the dirt and soil in carpet and then crystallize to become substances easy to vacuum up. Over time, this method became popular within the carpet cleaning industry, considered to be cutting edge. But it is not without its problems.

What is MilliCare 's approach?

MilliCare took the encapsulation method and improved upon it. MilliCare polymers are chemically altered to be both kinder to carpet fibers and more efficient at removing soil and dirt from carpets. MilliCare combines the encapsulation method with other important elements, following a four-step process. First, MilliCare technicians spray a pre-mist onto the carpet that works as an activator for dry polymer and helps to minimize the wear on the carpets. Next, MilliCare 's dry polymer is applied to the carpet. Third, technicians use a pile lifter machine to work the compound into the carpet. To complete the polymer process, MilliCare technicians vacuum the carpet thoroughly so that no polymers remain.

Why is MilliCare 's approach better for carpet fibers?

Most cleaners using the encapsulation method intend it for interim cleaning and only use enough polymers to attract surface dirt - giving carpet the appearance of clean but leaving behind some deep-rooted dirt. Even though it may not be visible, that dirt wears away at carpet fibers, shortening the life of the carpet.

The left-behind dirt isn't the only thing that wears away at carpet fibers, though. Typical encapsulation polymers have a high pH that can damage carpet fibers - part of the reason that adding more polymers to the carpet isn't a viable option.

MilliCare 's dry-centered method has been certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute as a safe and effective cleaning system, not just for interim cleaning but for all cleaning. MilliCare 's own polymer blend attracts the deep-seated dirt and soil at the molecular level, with no need for additional extraction. MilliCare 's polymers and pre-spray have been through comprehensive chemical tests, ensuring the pH levels will do no harm to the carpet fibers.

This video highlights the main differences between MilliCare 's dry-centered method and the encapsulation method.

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