MilliCare - 7 Questions to Ask Your Floor Care Provider

7 Questions to Ask Your Floor Care Provider

The company responsible for cleaning such a significant portion of your facility as your flooring should be trustworthy and capable. But narrowing down your options to find the best partner for your needs can be frustrating. Here are seven questions to determine the best floor care provider for your facility.

1. What clients do you work with?

Every facility is unique and has specific needs, so it's not essential to find a floor care provider with a résumé matching your exact requirements. Experience does matter, however. Look for a professional floor care company that has a diverse client portfolio, demonstrating flexibility, and is able to draw similarities between your needs and those of other clients.

2. What training or certifications do your technicians have?

Training and certifications for employees show that a company is committed to providing you with the best care possible. A good follow-up question may be whether background checks are done on employees. Some facilities require background checks for vendors, and finding a company that's already performed background checks will eliminate future complications.

3. What kind of chemicals are you using?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are often found in floor cleaning products, and they can be harmful to your facility's indoor air quality (IAQ). It's important to find a floor care provider that uses low-VOC or VOC-free cleaning chemicals.

4. What green cleaning options do you have?

Finding a company that's environmentally friendly isn't just good for your facility's LEED certification; it also helps your bottom line. Employing environmentally friendly cleaning methods saves on costly resources like water and energy.

5. Do you provide interim care?

Scheduled cleanings work perfectly in an ideal world, but as you know, accidents happen. It's important to find a floor care provider able and willing to help when spills or mishaps occur. Asking this question of your floor care provider will help indicate which companies are committed to being true partners.

6. Are there any other services you provide?

Often floor care providers will also provide services such as textile care or air quality assurance. Knowing what other services may provide will eliminate the need to search for another vendor, saving you time and hassle in the future.

7. How frequently should I vacuum?

If you have carpet in your facility, ask your professional floor care provider how often you should have the janitorial staff vacuum. Since flooring is their specialty, they'll be able to give you an experienced answer to help extend the life of your carpet.

Asking questions allows you to evaluate the level of professionalism from potential floor care providers and determine which will be best able to suit your needs. If you're looking for a provider that checks all the boxes, MilliCare is unparalleled in its quality of service. Be sure to check for a MilliCare location near you.


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