MilliCare - Clean Working Environments Are Linked to Employee Retention and Productivity

Clean Working Environments Are Linked to Employee Retention and Productivity

Clean Working Environments Are Linked to Employee Retention and Productivity

What’s the secret to establishing a cadre of engaged, high-performing workers? Accept that everyday life includes messiness, then take action to anticipate or mitigate it.

If it sounds too simple to boost efficiency, you’d be surprised: It’s quite effective.

According to a 2018 survey, 94% of manufacturing workers linked on-the-job happiness with a clean workspace, beating out organization (93%) and even technology (87%). Additionally, 90% of respondents felt they got more done when employers provided quality cleaning products as part of sanitation protocols.

Given these statistics, business leaders who improve working environment cleanliness have a stronger chance of gaining industry momentum as they realize the rewards that come from maintaining a spotless facility.

Positive Impacts of Sparkling Spaces

It’s easy to understand why employees feel more motivated if they’re performing in a spotless workplace with fresh air. Not only are they proud to come to the job each day, but they also feel comfortable showing off their digs to clients, visitors, and prospective colleagues. Beyond that, they experience something less apparent but just as important: improved health.

Research indicates that viruses such as the flu can survive on desktops and other shared office equipment for 24 hours. This puts every worker at risk of falling ill, leading to lags in team efficiency. Even if under-the-weather employees make their way to the office, they probably won’t be as productive — and that costs companies big-time. The cleaner your space, the less likely your employees are to fall ill, and the more productive they’ll ultimately be.

Clutter also takes a toll on productivity. In fact, looking for lost documents costs businesses approximately $2.5 million in lost productivity annually. Being able to find information immediately can take a bite out of that figure. Regardless, less chaos means reduced stress and distractions, both of which can decrease effectiveness.

Businesses interested in promoting production and on-the-job satisfaction through well-kept environments can begin by instituting cleaning and maintenance schedules and processes.

An End to Stains, Litter, and Airborne Contaminants

Any space used by employees can become an unlucky target for muddy footprints, spilled lattes, and yesterday’s lunch. The area will also begin collecting air-carried allergens, particulates, volatile organic compounds, and dust mites. Yet those are hardly the only sources of grime: Moisture due to leaks or even over-watered plants can increase the likelihood of mold and mildew. Even cigarette smoke or pollution can weave its way into the confines of an office.

How can a facility manager stop the massive buildup before it grows and damages employee morale and production? A good start is with a zoned entryway system to reduce tracked-in grit, water, and debris. Next is by properly maintaining all surfaces (janitorially), especially hard and textile floors, countertops, desks, door knobs, tables, and other key touchpoints.

After developing a routine maintenance strategy, companies can then develop deep-cleaning floor schedules to effectively pull up ground-in bacteria and contaminants from carpet fibers and grout. Additionally, quarterly changes to HVAC filters can improve indoor air quality.

Workers can have a hand in keeping their areas well-groomed by cleaning spills immediately and only using designated outdoor spaces to smoke. Putting some of the onus on them to help maintain the appeal and health of their spaces can increase buy-in for a brighter, more beautiful workplace.

Neater Spaces = Happier Team Members

At a time when the job market is strong and talented performers can command more prestige and higher positions, businesses must consider how to keep their workers engaged and loyal. Offering employees well-ordered, sparkling professional surroundings can be part of an overall core retention technique that helps people feel better and give their best.

If you want help in developing customized deep-cleaning maintenance schedules for your corporate spaces, talk to your local MilliCare technician today.


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