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Chairity Month of Care

What Difference Can One Chair Make? Standing in the doorway and gazing across your conference room, your mind leaps from one aspect of the room to the next. You're evaluating the space and thinking about areas for improvement. No doubt, at one point, your eyes glance upon the rows and rows of chairs that are waiting to welcome your next group of guests. Do you see one that is a bit spot-covered or dingy? Do you swap it out?

As a facility manager, one chair can make a big difference. It impacts the way people perceive your facility.

As a foster child, one chair makes a big difference to you too. For every chair that is cleaned or committed to be cleaned during the month of August, the MilliCare franchise network will be donating one dollar to Together We Rise.

Together We Rise is a non-profit organization that strives to bring normalcy to the lives of children who are living in the foster care system. Every day, 1,200 additional children enter the system. They are often scared and alone, missing out on typical experiences that many children enjoy.

Together We Rise helps to bridge this gap by offering a variety of programs. Sweet Cases is one example of a program through which duffle bags are decorated in child-friendly themes and packed with personal items to make a child's transition from one home to the next easier. A second program is Build A Bike in which groups of adults gather to assemble donated bicycles, enabling little children's playtime and offering older children an independent form of transportation.

This is the second year that MilliCare has focused the Month of Care on their partnership with Together We Rise. Last year, the network was able to raise over $32,000, as well as actively taking part in packing Sweet Cases and building bikes. This year, the goal is to donate over $50,000.

From conference rooms and banquet halls to foyers and study spaces, the cleanliness of your chairs and textiles are a visual representation of how well-kept your facility is. If it's time to consider reviving their appearance, contact a local member of the MilliCare franchise network to schedule chair cleaning during the month of August. Clean a chair, show you care - your call will benefit your facility, and help kids in your local community at the same time.


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