MilliCare - MilliCare Benefits for Legal Offices

MilliCare Benefits for Legal Offices

MilliCare Benefits for Legal Offices

Our experienceYou want your clients to be at ease the moment they step into your office. You need to instill them with confidence in your capability to handle their business. They expect your facility to be top-notch, especially clean. In addition, your associates need a space where they can be productive. Your office reflects your firm’s image, and a well-maintained space is one of your most valuable assets. That’s why there are two key assets MilliCare brings to legal offices: our experience and our quality of service.

Cleaning legal offices is nothing new to the MilliCare network. In fact, we work to maintain the appearance of several high-profile firms. And we’ve supported the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) on both a regional and national level since 2005.

One of the reasons we’re trusted in legal environments is the specific training we give our technicians. Not only do we conduct extensive background checks on all our employees, but we also equip them with the training necessary to represent MilliCare well. By the time they set foot in your office, our employees are highly-trained professionals ready to provide you with MilliCare ’s signature quality of service.

Our quality of service

MilliCare ’s quality of service is globally recognized, for a number of reasons. Our cleaning processes employ well-researched and environmentally friendly strategies. We clean your floors and textiles with odorless chemicals that have been proven to improve air quality. And we use a dry-centered method for carpet care so you can get back to work right away — without extra drying time. Our customized Care Plans are designed to save you money in the long run by keeping your facility clean and by prolonging the lifespan of your floors and furniture. Our quality of service leaves your employees and clients happy and healthy and your firm’s image intact.

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