MilliCare - Floor Care Considerations for the Fall Season

Floor Care Considerations for the Fall Season

Fall is here! If you're like many facility managers, fall is a time when you begin thinking about deep-cleaning your facility. Here are a few floor care tips you should consider this fall.

Clean up summer grime

With summer's end comes the need to clean the mess it left behind. With more people outside in warm weather, it stands to reason that more dirt and soil is being tracked into the facility during the summer months than any other time of year. The end of summer is the perfect time to have your floors professionally cleaned, removing that summer grime and preparing for cooler seasons.

Leave dirt at the door

As leaves start to fall off the trees, pay special attention to your facility entrances. Do your best to eliminate how many fallen leaves can be tracked into the building by removing them from directly outside the building as much as possible.

The most important tactic you can employ to protect your entrances during fall is a zone entry system. Implementing a zone entry system will guard against not only leaves and dirt but also water and moisture. With the winter season and its impending rain, sleet and snow approaching quickly, having a strategy in place to fight off the impending moisture is a paramount concern.

Protect from spills

Outside moisture isn't the only threat to your flooring, however. Fall is accompanied by the hustle and bustle of the holidays - and more food. Pumpkin coffee, holiday eggnog, Christmas cookies, cranberry sauce - all the holiday foods threaten to ruin your facility's flooring. Don't let your floor go unguarded; introduce a fiber protection regimen to help keep your carpet looking as good as new. MilliCare Fiber Protector combines two surface guards: an anti-soiling agent and an anti-staining compound.

If your facility has hard surfaces, add a layer of protection to your floors with performance coatings. MilliCare offers a performance coating specifically designed for stain prevention that will help extend the life of your hard floors.

As the largest surface in your facility, your floors shouldn't be overlooked as part of your fall cleaning checklist. Contact MilliCare to get your floor fall cleaning underway.


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