MilliCare - Carpets Are Like Customers — Both Are Cheaper to Retain Than Replace

Carpets Are Like Customers — Both Are Cheaper to Retain Than Replace

Carpets Are Like Customers — Both Are Cheaper to Retain Than Replace

Every time you lose a customer, you create more legwork for your business. Maintaining customer relationships is always cheaper than allowing them to erode. In fact, research confirms you’ll spend five times more wooing someone new than keeping a loyalist happy.

The same holds true for your carpets.

By allowing your carpeting and textiles to get so soiled that you have no choice but to replace them, you immediately erase potential profit from your bottom line. For this reason, you should look at carpets the same way you do your thriving client base: as a worthy investment you cannot afford to underestimate.

Keeping That Good Ol’ Carpet Alive and Well

Chances are strong that before you first opened your company’s doors, you spent hours deliberating about what carpet to install. You considered the feel, the price, the durability, and the appearance. After installation, you were proud of the ambiance you created. Then, business happened.

Clients and buyers tracked in dirt and debris; perhaps they even spilled a mocha latte or two. Even employees did their part to wear down the carpeting with thousands upon thousands of footsteps. And you know what? That’s good. It shows you’ve been busy. But you should seriously consider how you’re going to revitalize your carpeting. Your bank account will appreciate the cost savings.

In fact, you could reap real financial rewards by partnering with a MilliCare technician right away, rather than contacting a carpet installer (who will be more than happy to haul away your old carpet and replace it).

Consider this: A 90,000-square-foot carpet installation averages around $350,000. If you clean that carpet by vacuuming it daily — and using a hot water extraction cleaning method seasonally — you may get six years out of it before it’s in a bad place. That’s an annual depreciation of $58,333.

On the other hand, if you work with MilliCare to create a customized Care Plan (concentrated on utilizing our dry polymer cleaning system), the same carpet is likely to last 10 years, with an annual depreciation of $35,000. That’s money that could go toward something other than paying for new carpets.

Even if your carpets already look pretty dull or damaged, you may be able to save them. Here are ways MilliCare routinely helps businesses spend less time writing checks for new carpets and more time boosting their profit margins:

1. Our technicians rely on dry-centered carpet and textile cleaning methods. What is dry carpet cleaning? Our proprietary system uses low pH polymer blends activated by very little moisture to “grab” debris and particles. Specialized equipment can then pull up the resulting compounds from deep within the carpet fibers. As you can imagine, this revitalizes the entire carpet — without leaving behind mold-producing moisture.

2. The MilliCare system and technicians bring our own water. We only need a little bit of water to activate our dry polymer cleaning process, and we bring it ourselves. This lightens the load for our clients; it can also save on utilities. Our figures show that dry carpet cleaning requires 319% less energy per square foot than hot water extraction cleaning protocols.

Additionally, it may lower total energy usage required for cleaning by 85%, depending upon the size of the building. Why worry about needing a water hookup or spending loads of money to supply your carpet cleaning vendor? You have customers to wow!

3. Our dry carpet cleaning means zero downtime. Your business may not operate 24/7, but that doesn’t mean you can afford any downtime. With MilliCare , you don’t need to choose between being open and having sanitized floors. With our system, cleaning happens on the molecular level and with virtually zero moisture. Have your floors spruced up anytime — day or night. Regardless, they’ll be ready for immediate use.

Your carpets may not look their best, but that doesn’t mean they need to be replaced just yet. Perhaps all they need is a little restorative dry carpet cleaning. In the end, you’ll spend much less bringing them back to life than saying “goodbye” prematurely.


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