MilliCare - Is Your Commercial Space’s Carpet Too New to Require a Cleaning?

Is Your Commercial Space’s Carpet Too New to Require a Cleaning?

Is Your Commercial Space’s Carpet Too New to Require a Cleaning?

From the moment your commercial carpet is installed, it begins to work its magic. Like a giant filter, it absorbs and attracts all the airborne particles and tracked-in debris. Not only does this improve the indoor air quality of your client-facing and private office areas, but it also keeps your workplace looking more uniform and professional — until, of course, the inevitable happens.

Coffee mugs tip over, toner cartridges pop open, someone topples a cart of catered sandwiches. Eventually, your new carpets will look soiled and grubby. The fibers will be matted in spots, and some stains will resist all efforts to lift. At that point, you’ll likely pick up the phone to call a company like MilliCare , hoping to turn back time.

But here’s the real truth: The time to call is now.

In fact, your new carpets should never get to the point of visible wear and tear. By then, they’re already damaged (thanks to a relentless barrage of soil, sand, dirt, and more). Rather than attempt to breathe life into carpeted spaces, make your life easier — and your capital expenditure load lighter — by protecting them immediately after installation.

Why Pay the High Cost of Cure Versus Prevention?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s an adage we’ve all heard, and it certainly holds true in terms of carpet maintenance. When all is said and done, a 90,000-square-foot carpet installation costs about $350,000. However, it’ll cost a lot more down the road if it’s allowed to wear out too soon — close to $27,000 more annually.

As an example, consider most hotels. A little more than a third of their expenses go toward operating costs, including carpet upkeep. That’s a huge figure to put aside, especially if the carpets must be regularly swapped out due to preventable premature aging. Truth be told, paying to maintain carpets before they go south makes practical sense. Every time carpet is removed and replaced, it takes away from the bottom line. And that doesn’t make stakeholders happy.

Of course, weather-worn carpets can be brought back to like-new appearance with deep, restorative cleaning processes. We do this regularly for clients looking to turn back the clock on their worn textile floors. Yet such processes will be more costly than ongoing regular stain guarding and low-moisture encapsulation cleanings.

Consequently, if you’re thinking about investing in new textile floor coverings (or you’ve recently purchased carpets), save yourself time and frustration by putting three strategic measures in place:

1. Create a workable flooring maintenance schedule. As soon as your carpets are installed, call your local MilliCare team. Working together, your facility manager and MilliCare representative can establish a customized Care Plan. Each Plan considers everything from traffic patterns to seasonality of soiling. By mapping out a preventive cleaning schedule for your building’s carpets and surfaces, you can extend the life of your operational investments. By how much? A typical carpet maintained by MilliCare can last nearly twice as long as one not regularly maintained through a Care Plan.

2. Use only dry polymer cleaning systems. Let’s say you’re a little late to the game. Your carpets are in their second or third year of life — not a problem. After undergoing a deep carpet cleaning and developing a Care Plan, stick to dry polymer care systems for future soil and stain removal. Our method of dry encapsulation uses 99.5 percent less water than hot water extraction methods and requires 319 percent less energy. Plus, it removes 99 percent of the allergens, molds, and bacteria found in most carpets.

3. Promote healthier workplace habits. Keeping in tandem with your desire to boost your carpet’s lifetime, make hygienic protocol a business must-do for all personnel. For example, urge workers to clean messes immediately or report larger spills before they become problematic. By encouraging and rewarding prevention, you can establish healthier protocols that yield positive repercussions for everyone in your building.

Stop fretting about how long it’ll take for your freshly installed carpet to develop a dingy aura — by making sure it doesn’t happen in the first place. Get ahead of the mess and contact a MilliCare specialist to arrange a consultation today.


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