MilliCare - Provide Peace of Mind to Your Employees with a Focus on Facility Hygiene

Provide Peace of Mind to Your Employees with a Focus on Facility Hygiene

Provide Peace of Mind to Your Employees with a Focus on Facility Hygiene

In March 2020, Gallup began studying full- and part-time American workers via its online survey. The goal? Find out their biggest concerns related to working during the COVID-19 pandemic. By late May, when many workplaces had reopened at least partially, the results told an important story.

Almost half of the respondents said they worried about contracting COVID-19 when they returned to the office. They felt incapable of fully engaging until they knew that their companies cared enough to take their health and hygiene seriously.

Those weren’t faceless data points. They were a clear reminder that companies are made up of people, and people have intrinsic needs. Gallup’s data revealed how much people want their employers to put their safety first, no matter the cost.

Findings like these are critical considerations for facility managers and commercial property executives charged with making budget cuts. After all, it’s tempting to trim commercial cleaning and sanitization efforts. But those aren’t line items to shave. In fact, deep cleaning and overall environmental hygiene are more important than ever for everyone’s physical — and mental — health and well-being.

Establishing a Cleaning and Disinfecting Routine

By now, you’ve probably seen the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations related to COVID-19. Nevertheless, here’s a quick refresher: The CDC suggests that limiting virus spread in the workplace requires both cleaning and disinfecting.

Why? Cleaning a surface takes away lingering debris, leaving a spotless location that can then be chemically treated to remove nearly all germs and pathogens. Once a space has been deep cleaned, it can be maintained efficiently through routine disinfecting.

For example, workers may be tasked with wiping down any surfaces or equipment they use with company-supplied disinfectants several times during their shifts. Likewise, commercial providers like MilliCare may be brought in to clean and disinfect carpet, upholstered furniture, cubical panels, and carpeted areas on a quarterly or seasonal basis per traffic needs.

MilliCare ’s disinfectant services focus on lowering risk and enhancing the hygiene for building occupants while also maintaining the value of your investments.


When disinfecting buildings, carpet hygiene is too often ignored. After we deep clean your carpet, we can apply a hospital grade disinfectant, Sporicidin. This product deodorizes and sanitizes carpet in one step.


Furniture is also often forgotten, despite being a high-touch surface. After deep cleaning your furniture, we can apply Sporicidin. When cleaning work chairs, we clean both the fabric and hard surface, including armrests, back, and base of your chair. We can also apply disinfectant to your cubicle panels.

Hard Surface

After we clean your flooring, we can apply Sporicidin, which disinfects hard non/porous surfaces and provides continuous residual bacteriostatic activity for up to six months.

Trying to steward your financial resources makes sense, but not at the expense of people’s health. Contact MilliCare to learn more about how we can provide quality, cost-effective solutions for a cleaner and healthier facility.


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