MilliCare - How MilliCare Can Help Religious Facility Managers Welcome Back Congregations

How MilliCare Can Help Religious Facility Managers Welcome Back Congregations

How MilliCare  Can Help Religious Facility Managers Welcome Back Congregations

Most states have loosened their regulations involving public gatherings, which has left many religious facility managers eager to get their sacred spaces ready for crowds. However, gatherings such as worship services present many risks regarding the spread of COVID-19. Congregation members will be especially mindful of the cleanliness of your space and your considerations for their health.

To help congregation members feel welcome while reducing the risk of spreading infection, religious facilities can turn to trusted, reliable cleaning providers like MilliCare to ensure the proper cleaning and sanitation of their spaces. Here are a few ways MilliCare can help you create an inviting atmosphere and mitigate risk as you welcome congregation members back through your doors:

1. We understand that you want to present a warm welcome to your visitors, so we have solutions to ensure high-volume entryways are appealing and inviting to guests — but not to dirt and germs.

Ensuring that your space appears spotless is an important first step to making visitors feel comfortable. A dependable, practical way to stop dirt and grime from entering any building is to stop it at the high-traffic points like the front and side doors or the doors to the larger worship area.

Our customized Care Plans take entryways into consideration, dividing entrances and exits into three zones. The first zone is outside and serves to scrape larger particles off the soles of shoes. The second and third zones are just inside the doorway and remove smaller debris and liquids.

By setting up a clean entryway zone that meets or exceeds the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standards, MilliCare helps churches trap dirt in a small area so it won’t make its way into indoor worship spaces.

2. Our enhanced hygiene services help protect the health of your congregation while also protecting your carpets and other textiles.

Currently, cleaning may not be enough to reduce risk. In addition to basic cleaning, your space needs proper disinfection of surfaces, including carpets and textiles. However, religious facility managers will want to partner with disinfection experts who have taken a pragmatic approach to the process.

MilliCare worked with researchers to find a disinfectant product that meets the EPA List N regulations, meaning it fights against SARS-CoV-2. The product’s low-toxicity formula ensures that it doesn’t harm assets or put people at risk. In fact, our disinfectant of choice, while providing hospital-grade effectiveness, is also gentle enough that it won’t lead to carpet resoiling, interfere with the stain-fighting elements of textiles, or cause discoloration.

Worshippers might be eager to get back to your religious facility, but they’re likely to feel a bit wary of the risks involved. Show them you’re doing everything you can to reduce risk and create a comfortable environment by choosing the right cleaning partner.


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