MilliCare - Don't Replace Carpet, Renew It.

Don't Replace Carpet, Renew It.

Don't Replace Renew

Remember the hours upon hours that went into planning your building's interior? The carpet selections. The installation costs. Deciding which furnishings to purchase and figuring out how to blend utility with beauty. When it was complete, there was an immense feeling of pride and satisfaction as you surveyed the new space. That was years ago.

Over time, the carpet and textiles have started to look worn. Despite routine vacuuming and janitorial services, dirt and grime have worked their way into the fibers. Coffee was spilled. Grease dripped and created a stain. Mud was tracked in on shoes.

Sophisticated floor and textile professionals know that the best way to prevent this is to outline the cleaning schedule needed for each area of your facility at the onset. For instance, members of the MilliCare network work with facility and property managers to craft a Care Plan that identifies the cleaning needs and frequency of each surface in your facility. Doing so allows you to take carpet and textile care off your to-do list and protects your investment for years to come.

If, however, a Care Plan wasn't initially established, it is still possible to prolong the lifespan of your carpet and textiles by using a dry polymer care system to clean your carpet. Instead of leaving moisture and residue behind, the polymer adsorbs the dirt and is vacuumed away, leaving the fibers strong and clean. For your chairs, draperies, panels and other textiles, an atomized mixture of air and solution can be injected into the fibers to scrub them and be suctioned away so the textiles are left clean and dry quickly.

Not only will cleaning spare you the cost of replacing carpet and textiles, it also provides employees and guests with a healthy working space. In fact, studies have proven that MilliCare 's carpet maintenance system removes up to 99 percent of pollutants from the carpet, which means that they won't have the opportunity to recirculate through the air.

Facility design requires significant investment of both time and money. Instead of starting over and replacing carpet and textiles that look worn, work with a MilliCare floor and textile professional to design a Care Plan that will renew and refresh your space.


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