MilliCare - Does IICRC Certification Matter?

Does IICRC Certification Matter?

Does Certification Matter

In the cleaning and restoration industry, certification has its place, too. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has spent 40 years as a standards development organization. The nonprofit organization strives to advance ethics, communication and technical skill throughout the inspection, cleaning and restoration fields. Those who achieve certification through the IICRC have demonstrated:From software programmers to facility managers to nurses, certified industry professionals rise head and shoulders above others in the field because they have put in the effort to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.

Top-Notch Techniques. On the surface, having certification signifies to the consumer that a professional or firm knows how to do the job well. Yet, there's more to certification than just knowing how to accomplish a task. Companies that hold certifications value training and excellence within the industry. By pursuing certification, these companies are making a commitment to continuously furthering the knowledge of their employees so they can provide the best possible service to clients both today and in the future.

Uniform Delivery. Organizations, such as the IICRC, stake reputations on the fact that the professionals they certify will offer a certain level of service to their customers. This means that consumers are able to enter into business relationships with certified firms trusting that they will receive high-quality service. Working with a certified company takes away the unknown aspect of the relationship and offers the consumer reassurance that the job will be done right.

Professionalism. Beyond simply accomplishing certain tasks correctly, quality certifying organizations also expect companies to employ a certain level of business sophistication before they will certify a company. From quality customer service to carrying the appropriate level of insurance, companies that seek certification must demonstrate that they are committed to working in a professional and ethical way with their clients.

A certified floor and textile company is one that you can turn to when you need advice, professional grade solutions quickly and knowledge of the latest cleaning options. For these reasons, MilliCare believes that certification does matter. It is a crucial component of business operation, so MilliCare is an IICRC-approved training school. Each member of the network is encouraged to seek certification for franchise locations, as well. Contact MilliCare to find a certified floor and textile cleaning partner in your area.


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