MilliCare - What Is a Floor & Textile Care Plan?

What Is a Floor & Textile Care Plan?

Total Care PlanFrom hospitals and law offices to retail spaces and libraries, each facility is unique. Each blends hard surfaces, carpet and textiles to create a space that inspires the occupants. Of course, the materials and surfaces go beyond creating a pleasing environment; they are also selected to enable the unique range of tasks and services that must be accomplished in the space. Interior design is instrumental in establishing the initial tone of a facility and is an important investment for any property.

Proper maintenance is required to protect this investment. Because each space is unique, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for maintaining a facility. This creates more work and stress for Facility Managers who are responsible for keeping the space clean, as they must shift through maintenance options and multiple vendors to protect the space for which they are responsible.

MilliCare seeks to alleviate this stress and extra work with a customized Total Care Plan. A MilliCare Total Care Plan is created when our network of skilled project-management professionals assesses a space to understand the facility’s unique needs, determining which materials and surfaces in the space need to be cleaned and protected for maximum performance.

Determining the frequency of regular cleanings also ensures that the facility is clean and looks professional throughout the year. Not every surface needs to be cleaned on each visit, so project managers will be able to save Facility Managers money by ensuring each space is cleaned only if necessary. They take time to map out which parts of a building require periodic, restorative or interim care.

Once the recommended Total Care Plan is presented, reviewed and approved by the Facility Manager, the project manager takes over and manages the plan, caring for the building’s unique needs and providing updates to the Facility Manager on an on-going basis.

With a MilliCare Total Care Plan in place, facility floor and textile care are handled; Facility Managers no longer have to think about the details. They are able to trust that the surfaces in their facility will be protected by MilliCare professionals and their project manager.

Contact a local member of the MilliCare network to put a Total Care Plan in place for your facility and take cleaning off of your to-do list.


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