MilliCare - 4 Considerations for Wool Carpet Maintenance

4 Considerations for Wool Carpet Maintenance

With recent sustainability trends, wool carpet has made a comeback. That's no surprise given wool carpet's luxurious feel, superb insulation and outstanding resilience. Perhaps the reason wool lost some popularity in the first place was the belief that it's difficult to maintain. While yes, wool carpet requires more maintenance than synthetic carpet, it's well worth the effort. Here are some wool carpet maintenance tips - some dos and don'ts to keep your wool carpet in top-notch shape.

Beware of moisture

When maintaining wool carpets, avoiding moisture should be a top priority. In some cases, water can actually damage the fibers. Because of this, most wool manufacturers recommend dry cleaning methods versus hot water extractions - except in extreme cases when carpet has seen significant amounts of soil. Wool fibers are extremely absorbent, making them more difficult to dry. In order to prevent the growth of molds and mildew, wool carpet that has been wet should be dried quickly and thoroughly.

Use chemicals with low pH

Fortunately, wool fibers do not require particular chemicals to effectively clean them. However, their fibers could be damaged by a high-alkaline pH, and it is recommended to use cleaning chemicals that stay between 4.5 and 8.5 pH.

Avoid spin bonnet

All carpet maintenance professionals should avoid the spin bonnet method, especially on wool carpets. The spin bonnet method uses a rotary action on a machine with a cotton pad. While spin bonnet is a low-moisture approach, this method does not effectively deep clean carpets and frequently violates wool carpet manufacturer warranties.

Test clean

Before cleaning wool carpet, perform a test clean or demo to determine proper cleaning methods for the rest of the facility. During a test clean, clean two or three square feet of carpet, starting with soft bristles and working up to harder ones. Wool fibers can be damaged if too stiff a brush is used in the cleaning process.

Once you've made the environmentally-responsible decision to install wool carpet in your facility, hire professionals who use sustainable methods and products to extend the life of your wool carpet and lower your carbon footprint. Wool carpet maintenance doesn't have to be a challenge; be mindful of what's touching your carpet, and your investment will be safe.


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