MilliCare - 5 Quick Action Tips for Carpet Spills

5 Quick Action Tips for Carpet Spills

No matter how pristine the carpet in your facility is kept, spots and spills are inevitable. When an accident does happen, address it quickly. The sooner you target a spill, the easier it will be to remove. The longer the spill is left, the more likely it is to become a permanent stain. Take action as soon as possible using the following steps.

1. Remove solid material

Before taking any other action, remove as much solid material as possible with a spoon or spatula, and then vacuum the area. Removing these objects will ensure particles are not being crushed into the carpet, making more of a mess. If liquid or a stain remains on the carpet, move on to the following steps.

2. Blot any liquid

Try to find a white terrycloth towel for blotting. If you don't have a terrycloth towel, a paper towel will work as well. Do not rub the liquid, as it will only push it further into the carpet fibers. Blot from the outside of the spot in toward the center, rotating the towel frequently.

3. Use a stain removal agent

Keep spot removal solution on hand, especially if there are accident-prone areas in your facility. If you're a MilliCare customer, MilliCare spot kits contain a pre-spray and MilliCare dry carpet cleaner for removing spots. MilliCare also recommends Capture spot kits for a similar, off-the-shelf product that contains pre-spray and Capture powder.

If you do not have a stain removal agent on-hand, all is not lost. You can make a homemade stain removal solution by mixing ¼ teaspoon of dish soap with one cup of warm water. Note this ratio must be adhered to - using more dish soap will not result in better results, just more detergent in the carpet. Do not use laundry detergent or automatic dishwasher detergent, as these could result in bleaching. Place this solution into a spray bottle for a quick, effective solution.

Be cautious, no matter which solution you use, to avoid over-wetting the carpet. As carpet is extremely absorbent, too much moisture could result in mold and mildew growth, compounding your problem.

4. Rinse the spot

If you've used a detergent spray, make sure to rinse the spot using lukewarm tap water to remove all the detergent. Failing to get all the detergent out could result in the spot reappearing as the moisture moves upward from the carpet. Again, avoid over-wetting the carpet. A little water goes a long way. Repeat the blotting method to dry the spot.

5. Call a professional

Sometimes a spot or spill requires professional help. Call an expert carpet cleaner flexible enough to assist with interim needs. MilliCare technicians are experts at spot removal and provide a range of products specially formulated for different conditions. MilliCare 's Spot Care process thoroughly removes almost any trouble spot from your carpet or textiles and ensures it doesn't reappear.

Have a carpet stain and need professional help? Find a MilliCare location near you for immediate assistance.


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