MilliCare - 5 Steps to Implementing a Green Cleaning System

5 Steps to Implementing a Green Cleaning System

As facility manager, you are constantly looking for ways to improve the workplace. You know that implementing a green cleaning system will be beneficial to both the environment and the health of your employees. But such a huge change can seem time-consuming, expensive and, frankly, overwhelming.

Mark Twain said, "The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one." Read on for five steps to get you started on incorporating a green cleaning system into your facility.

1. Assess current situation

Before you can know where you need to go, you must know where you are. Before you make any changes, consider what products, procedures and partners you're already using and evaluate them. Implementing a green cleaning system won't happen overnight, so prioritize the changes that should be made. Create a plan - even if it's long-term - for 100% green implementation.

2. Switch to green products

After you've assessed what products you have that are already environmentally responsible, look for products to replace the ones that aren't. When evaluating new products, ask the following questions:

  • Acquisition: Where are the raw materials coming from? Are they being sustainably sourced?
  • Product: Is the product safe for the environment and for employee health? Is it effective?
  • Manufacturing: Is the product manufactured in an environmentally responsible way?
  • Packaging: Does the company use recycled packaging or packaging that is environmentally friendly?

Implementing a green cleaning system should still be cost effective, so search until you find comparable products with comparable prices. In that same vein, don't plan to replace everything at once; use the current products until they're gone so you aren't wasting money.

3. Incorporate green procedures

Switching to green products isn't the only change you need to make when implementing a green cleaning system. Environmentally responsible procedures will also make a significant difference in reducing your carbon footprint and in helping preserve the health of your employees. Examine every procedure using the following criteria:

  • Reuse: Are we able to reuse anything we are currently discarding?
  • Operation: Are we operating in an environmentally responsible manner?
  • Maintenance: Are all our maintenance practices efficient and environmentally friendly?
  • Disposal: Are we recycling what we can? Are we safely disposing of materials that are unable to recycle?

4. Find green partners

Evaluate what partners you have that will fit with your new green cleaning system. Some cleaning partners offer green cleaning for a special fee or as an add-on service. Look for cleaning partners like MilliCare that have environmentally responsible practices inherent to all processes and products as a standard. MilliCare is a leader in environmental cleaning and can even provide advice on ways to adopt green practices into your facility.

5. Communicate with employees

Finally, let employees know of the changes that are coming. Communicate that a green cleaning system is for bettering not only the environment but also their health. Solicit their help in implementing environmentally friendly workplace policies, like recycling. Ask if anyone would want to be part of a green initiative team, which can alleviate some of the burden of implementing a green cleaning system in your facility.

It takes only five steps to begin incorporating an effective green cleaning system into your workplace and to start reaping the benefits. Contact MilliCare to learn more about getting started on a green cleaning initiative in your facility.


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