MilliCare - Workplace Cleanliness Equals Employee Health and Saved Revenue

Workplace Cleanliness Equals Employee Health and Saved Revenue


Could the secret to building a profitable business be as close as your hand sanitizer or upholstered fabric spot remover? Quite possibly, yes.

What makes a clean environment so practical and productive? From a purely scientific standpoint, it’s free from disease-spreading bacteria. When employees wash their hands for the recommended 10 seconds — under hot or cold water — they scour away germs that would otherwise land on doorknobs, equipment, and a host of other surfaces. Because they’re bound to come in contact with fellow employees, they won’t transmit diseases thanks to their stellar hand hygiene practices.

Cleaner working areas aren’t just good for the body, though. They’re aesthetically pleasing, too. People feel proud to work in clean environments that are better-looking than competitors’ workspaces. They know they aren’t being exposed to an atmosphere that’s dirty, dusty, or moldy. And we at MilliCare share that pride, too — pride in knowing we're contributing to a healthy, happy environment.

Clean workspaces are even more important when you consider the effect your space's cleanliness can have your company's productivity and efficiency. One study found that companies with poorly ventilated buildings were more likely to have employees call in sick. When employees call in sick, they're unavailable to both customers and their fellow employees, and the cost of these sick days adds up quickly: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that employers lose $225.8 billion annually to illness-related losses in productivity.

Unfortunately, too few organizations place emphasis on keeping their offices tidy and spotless — even in industries where it’s a matter of life and death.

Workplace Cleanliness Is a Rule That Shouldn’t Be Bent — Or Broken

Everyone working in a healthcare facility knows that germs come with the territory. But what might surprise you is that the CDC notes that healthcare institutions’ employees aren’t washing their hands as often as they should. Consequently, infectious diseases spread rapidly among workers and patients who have already compromised immune systems.

Of course, healthcare isn’t the only industry flirting with disaster. Many offices have poor workplace ventilation, which may lead to what the government refers to as “sick building syndrome.” Though some of the signs of this condition are minor irritations, others can be life-threatening, such as asthmatic reactions in people with poor lung function. Besides, the flu virus can be airborne. In an unclean business with bad ventilation, flu season could easily increase absenteeism for a period of weeks, leaving the organization falling behind.

In other words, every business needs to clean up its act, starting with cubicles and movable barriers.

Improve the Bottom Line by Destroying Germs

Do your cubby walls look clean? Guess again. The fabric, when pristine, serves as a filter against dirt, bacteria, and particulate. However, as those walls age, they must be cleaned to prevent a buildup of grime and germs.

Start by decluttering, and then vacuum the cubicle walls with a nozzle or brush. Begin at the top and work your way down methodically, checking frequently to see any areas you might have missed. Notice spots or stains? Immediately treat them with a professional solvent- or water-based spot cleaner you’ve tested first to eliminate the chances of it fading the upholstery.

After your cubicles are sanitized, you can go on to work on all the spaces and surfaces in your office.

Remember: Your cleanliness goal as a business owner has a twofold outcome. First, you want to promote a space that ensures a healthy team present for customers, not to mention for each other. Secondly, you want to translate all your operations into dollars by giving your clients shorter wait times and more reason to rave about the experience they had with your organization.

If you’re not satisfied with the way your business looks (or you’ve noticed that more employees are getting colds and viruses), you may need help from a partner in the cleaning business. Contact MilliCare for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your office space and discover how you can make clean work for you.


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