MilliCare - MilliCare Has a Solution for Every Space

MilliCare Has a Solution for Every Space

MilliCare  Has a Solution for Every Space

Buildings and snowflakes have more in common than you might think: Though they may look similar to others, each one is unique.

Why, then, do so many floor cleaning specialists offer one-size-fits-all recommendations? As any facilities manager or director of operations can attest, every business area requires special floor maintenance considerations. Even two similar structures can have vastly dissimilar flooring inside, so a ground-up approach is essential to developing a responsible, cost-effective floor cleaning protocol. Otherwise, money can quickly go toward unnecessary repairs and replacement.

Of course, some spaces do have relatively common uses and foot traffic patterns. These include office buildings, retail establishments, industrial plants, hotels, and special-purpose places like churches and theaters. Rest assured that MilliCare can construct a relevant, affordable Care Plan to address the overarching and novel needs of each.

High-Traffic Entry-Facing Spaces

When a commercial client contacts MilliCare to arrange a floor cleaning consultation, the technician initially examines all the ways employees, clients, vendors, and other visitors enter and exit the structure. Up to 80% of the sand, dirt, and debris that enters a property travels on the soles of shoes, the paws of service animals, and the rolling wheels of dollies. Consequently, creating a sophisticated entry system — one that helps keep interior floors less soiled and moisture-laden — immediately saves financial and human resources.

Most entry systems, whether in a bustling store or corporate high rise, feature hard-surface floors in the zones around entrances and exits. With application MilliCare ’s hard surface cleaning solutions, those sturdy surfaces can continue looking spotless day after day — despite constant traffic.

Beyond a building’s immediate entryway, some businesses lay down commercial-grade carpeting. The carpeting filters airborne and residual particles, provides noise reduction, and offers a more comfortable surface to stand and walk upon. Because this carpet is close to entrances, it picks up stones, liquid, and dust. The MilliCare dry cleaning method of lifting these items from tightly woven industrial fibers uses 99.5% less water. Hot-water extraction methods, in comparison, use 319% more energy than our method.

Interior and Private Spaces

Moving past entry zones, lobbies, and hallways, many buildings have interior rooms that are covered in carpets with more of a tuft or pile. These areas tend to see fewer travelers throughout a typical day.

However, they also tend to be cleaned less rigorously, leading to an overload of allergens and molds ground into the fibers. Unsurprisingly, many interior carpeted spaces get so dirty that they gain an unpleasant smell. In some closed-in areas, carpets can even contribute to workers needlessly suffering from health issues like asthma, allergies, colds, and the flu.

Keeping interior carpet spaces spotless requires a MilliCare Care Plan that ensures carpets remain fresh year-round. Even if the carpet isn’t cleaned as frequently as an entryway’s hard surfaces, it does need to receive special TLC to prevent it from becoming an indoor air quality hazard (not to mention an eyesore). As-needed spot care removal can be a smart way to get rid of trouble spots between MilliCare visits.

A final type of private space flooring usually used in bathrooms, dining areas, and even some secondary entries is tile and grout. Because grout is porous by nature, it soaks up everything from mud to moisture. Eventually, grout that hasn’t been properly attended to will discolor and emit unpleasant smells, making a poor impression on workers and guests.

The way to revive even the filthiest tile and grout is by first degreasing and deep cleaning, then sealing it with a colored sealant. A final layer of MilliCare Performance Coating cuts down on future staining and absorption and makes future maintenance much easier.

Beautiful Floors Belong in Every Business Space

Your business depends on its floors to perform so many services. Let MilliCare help customize your sanitization game plan and extend your floor investment dollars. Contact a local MilliCare representative today to arrange a demonstration of our superior cleaning systems.


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