MilliCare - Why MilliCare Carpet Cleaning Is a Better Value

Why MilliCare Carpet Cleaning Is a Better Value

Why MilliCare  Carpet Cleaning Is a Better Value

At least part of a business’s operational budget will be spent on carpet cleaning. However, determining the best ways to anticipate and manage that expense can be challenging.

For instance, hoteliers typically allocate nearly 35% of their expenditures to operations. Yet what portion of those funds should be applied to keeping floors clean? The answer isn’t so simple: It varies greatly by space, and every facility has unique needs.

While organizations must come to their own conclusions when budgeting for flooring upkeep, companies owe it to their bottom lines to consider ways to ultimately lower expenses. The best way to do this, arguably, is by opting for a carpet cleaning vendor that provides greater value.

And that means giving MilliCare a call.

A One-of-a-Kind Approach

The MilliCare attitude toward carpet cleaning is centered around providing exceptional value through a customized Care Plan. At the onset of the relationship, our technicians consider the needs of every floor surface. This helps determine what type of schedule makes fiscal and practical sense.

Take low-use office spaces. They shouldn’t be cleaned as frequently as those that get a lot of foot traffic. On the other hand, some areas receive moderate wear and tear, necessitating thorough but infrequent cleaning. By sectioning off each area of a building based on traffic patterns, MilliCare ’s experts can establish consistent cleaning routines.

At the same time, MilliCare representatives will take different types of flooring into consideration. For instance, dirt, spills, and debris affect wool carpet and bamboo hardwood quite differently, just as tile and grout and luxury vinyl tile require different types of maintenance. Consequently, every floor must receive the proper treatment to remove stains and odors.

Determining the perfect frequency for MilliCare visits upfront helps businesses begin to form a periodic Care Plan budget formula. Having a formula (and strategy) in place also allows facility managers to project yearly cash outlays, taking away the sting of unplanned operational costs.

Beyond the innate savings offered by a customized Care Plan, MilliCare provides its clients with other ways to stretch their dollars.

1. Operations can run concurrently with carpet cleaning. Businesses that operate 24/7 appreciate knowing they’ll experience practically no downtime when they choose MilliCare as their carpet cleaning partner. Because the MilliCare system requires virtually no water, it leaves floors dry and ready to use immediately. As soon as MilliCare team members clean an area, it’s ready to sustain traffic from employees, shoppers, vendors, and visitors. We can also provide after-hours service.

2. Companies can avoid spending money on water. Most wet carpet cleaning suppliers expect their clients to provide a water hookup as well as water to get textiles surface clean. This puts an extra burden on the facility to pay for the water, not to mention make the hookup available. Fortunately, MilliCare ’s system relies on dry polymers activated by a negligible amount of water that technicians bring themselves.

3. Organizations can get more mileage from their carpets. Carpets don’t last forever, but they can last for a shockingly long time with proper care. Some MilliCare clients have doubled the life span of their carpeted space. How? Our gentle system doesn’t flood a dirty carpet with water or tug at its fibers. Instead, the MilliCare dry polymers attach to unwanted debris, creating a compound that can be removed without damaging the carpet’s integrity.

4. Businesses may spend considerably less on utility costs. Heating water costs money — so does constant use of electricity. On average, hot-water extraction methods use approximately 320% more energy compared to MilliCare ’s dry carpet cleaning. That’s a considerable savings for MilliCare customers.

Commercial businesses must differentiate themselves in today’s competitive marketplace to woo talented workers and win loyal customers. Still, they needn’t overspend on floor care. By choosing MilliCare , companies can realize higher profitability without lowering their standards of cleanliness or environmental health.

Want to learn more about MilliCare ’s unique dry carpet care or our other flooring and textile services? Contact a trusted local MilliCare technician for a free, no-obligation demonstration today.


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