MilliCare - Thinking About Renovating? First Try a Restorative Deep Clean.

Thinking About Renovating? First Try a Restorative Deep Clean.

Thinking About Renovating? First Try a Restorative Deep Clean.

Take a good look around your current facility. Do you feel like you’ve stepped inside a time machine? Perhaps your furnishings are a bit dated. Maybe the walls could use a coat of paint. And the floors? Well, they’re nothing to write home about with their stains, matted areas, and discolored spots.

At this point, you may wonder if it’s time to relocate to a different building as part of a comprehensive revitalization project. After all, you’re certain a total reconstruction and design overhaul is in order. Get ready for sticker shock, though. Experts warn that moving a company usually costs double what you think. Plus, transporting all your human capital, equipment, and supplies can disrupt operations, profits, and employee happiness.

Unless relocation is absolutely necessary, you’d be better off simply renovating or updating the space you already call “headquarters.” Yet that doesn’t necessarily mean pulling up carpets, ripping up tiles, or laying grout lines. Even the most unattractive, worn textile and hard surface floors can often be transformed to like-new condition when cleaned and treated with high-tech solutions and processes.

A dose of regular dry carpet cleaning or tile rejuvenation can help floors bounce back. With regular maintenance, your carpets are restored to an earlier freshness and your hard surface floors regain their luster. And that’s a huge relief for companies that need to perk up their spaces but aren’t ready to splurge on costly floors or a total relocation.

Save Money and Win Customers With a Focus on Healthier Flooring

Just how expensive is it to get new carpets? Most figures suggest that a 90,000-square-foot space costs around $350,000 to carpet when you consider all product, installation, and haul-away requirements — and that’s if you go on the low end of commercial-grade carpets.

Some carpeting can run as high as $7 per square foot, meaning you’ll spend more than $500,000 to cover a 75,000-square-foot area if you choose a premium textile. With such an expensive reality, companies need to buy judiciously and keep their carpets looking great (and performing at superior levels for many years).

Unfortunately, high-traffic businesses say they struggle to maintain a carpet for more than seven years. Often, those same establishments have not arranged for regular cleaning beyond vacuuming through their janitorial services provider.

Establishing predictable, routine deep-carpet cleanings is the key to carpet longevity. In fact, many MilliCare clients have been able to double the expected life span of their carpeting. Needless to say, the investment to bring in well-trained dry carpet cleaning specialists a few times a year pales in comparison to the money needed to buy and install replacement carpeting.

To be sure, not all businesses are worried about their carpet spaces alone. Many are equally or more concerned about tiled floors. Tile and grout can quickly show wear and tear, becoming both grimy and unpleasant smelling. Blame it on grout’s best attribute: its porousness. Though its porous nature allows it to breathe and expand around the tiles, porosity leads to absorption of liquids and bacteria. In fact, grout can turn dark and spotty rapidly if it’s not deep-cleaned, color-sealed, and covered with a performance coating.

At MilliCare , we believe no tile floor is too far gone to get a boost from our brand of tender loving cleaning. We’ve been able to revive tile floors that establishments gave up on, recoloring the grout to add a modern appeal and leaving behind floors that sparkle and are easier to maintain.

Again, this attention to maintaining the durability and appearance of hard floor surfaces reduces the need to reinstall tile. Paying a laborer to pull up tile or just redo grout is a proposition that can cost nearly five times more than revitalizing with MilliCare ’s three-step restorative cleaning protocol. What company wouldn’t appreciate a much-needed facelift to modernize any area without shelling out a bundle?

Turn Any Floor Space From Dingy to Dreamy

Your carpets, tile, and grout may have aged more than you’d like. But before you commit to either relocating or completely gutting your interiors, talk to your local MilliCare floor care specialist.

Our team members have restored carpet and grout in ways that impressed even the most skeptical of business executives and property managers. You have nothing to lose by being a smart steward of your limited maintenance budget.


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