MilliCare - First Steps to a Greener Building: Conserving Water and Energy

First Steps to a Greener Building: Conserving Water and Energy

First Steps to a Greener Building: Conserving Water and Energy

Every government building might well be considered an extension of the people. After all, residents’ tax dollars contribute to every aspect of a government entity’s operating budget, right down to stewardship of financial and natural resources.

Americans are becoming more demanding of all the entities they support — including government and nonprofit offices — and are insisting more effort be spent on making wiser, greener decisions at every level. Consequently, plenty of government-run structures are actively trying to reduce water and energy use.

Just how important is this focus on smarter management practices? A fairly serious one: The U.S. Energy Information Administration found that commercial and residential energy consumption contributes to around 39 percent of total annual usage. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency notes the government spends in excess of $10 billion annually to meet energy consumption expectations. Even dropping total consumption by a few percentage points could significantly reduce the stress on the environment, not to mention appease taxpayers worried about so-called pork barrel spending and general inefficiencies.

While it isn’t feasible to carve away all the costs associated with using water and energy, government building facility managers and related personnel can start whittling down their expenditures. Working with a MilliCare flooring specialist is a good first step.

Understanding the Energy-Saving Advantages of a MilliCare Partnership

For years, MilliCare has enjoyed a strong relationship with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and Sourcewell (formerly the National Joint Powers Alliance). These long-standing connections allow government offices, nonprofit providers, and educational agencies to confidently know choosing MilliCare as a preferred vendor will help lower administrative and procurement costs — as well as stay within environmentally conscious parameters.

What makes MilliCare the greener, better selection for government spaces? First, its products, solutions, and methods have been certified as environmentally responsible. At the same time, our proprietary dry polymer methods require far less energy and water use than other types of floor cleaning systems. A MilliCare floor cleaning treatment effectively sanitizes carpets, tile, grout, and other surfaces while using just 1 percent of the water from hot water extraction treatment methods. In addition, some clients have reported savings of up to 85 percent on reduced electricity during carpet cleaning appointments.

Not only do all MilliCare technicians get the job done, but they do so within the GSA’s parameters. GSA buildings typically use 23 percent less energy and 28 percent less water than other structures, and MilliCare fits into those expectations, staying within even pinched budget margins without sacrificing quality or hygiene. But MilliCare ’s processes aren’t just environmentally responsible — they can also extend the life of your flooring and textiles.

Becoming a MilliCare Energy-Saving Client

Your government building may not be partnered with GSA or Sourcewell, but you can still use MilliCare as your flooring maintenance vendor of choice. Our technicians have worked tirelessly to serve government entities, corporations, healthcare facilities, and educational landmarks around the world for more than a generation. They aren’t just making your floors and surfaces spotless; they’re making it easier for government agencies and workers to save money and the planet.

Want to learn more about MilliCare for your government building? Contact our company today for a no-obligation evaluation of your spaces. Discover the advantage and comfort of knowing you’re doing the right thing when it comes to maintaining greener, fresher, and healthier private and public spaces.


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