MilliCare - Why Regular Vacuuming Is Not a Complete Carpet Maintenance Plan

Why Regular Vacuuming Is Not a Complete Carpet Maintenance Plan

Why Regular Vacuuming Is Not a Complete Carpet Maintenance Plan

Nothing lasts forever, but that doesn’t mean your company can afford to keep replacing your carpeted floors — especially when the average cost to purchase and install a new carpet is around $350,000 in a 90,000-square-foot space.

Yes, your carpets will become soiled and matted thanks to coffee mishaps, muddy shoes, and settling dust. However, regular deep cleaning has been shown to significantly extend even the most frequently used carpet’s lifespan by years without incurring sky-high costs. Instead of a six-year depreciation, you can more likely count on a 10-year depreciation, allowing you to extend the cost-effectiveness of your carpet investment.

Like the sound of higher ROI? Significant savings start with a MilliCare Care Plan that leaves your industrial vacuum in the dust.

Prevention Versus Intervention

Your carpet isn’t merely an attractive addition that enhances your public and private working spaces; it actually performs more sophisticated roles. For one, it absorbs noises and reduces sound distribution. Consequently, conversations held at one end of your space aren’t necessarily interrupting those at the other end.

Carpets and their padding also provide cushioning, which lessens the likelihood of fatigue and repetitive injuries for standing workers and visitors. Finally, carpet basically filters unwanted debris, particles, and more, trapping grime deep in its fibers (and keeping it out of the air).

As you can imagine, over time the dirt lodges against the carpet base, gradually rubbing against the fibers and destroying their strength and performance. While daily or semi-daily vacuuming is essential for removing top-level grit and dust, it cannot clean deeply enough. As a result, by the time your carpet begins to look worn, dirty, or matted, it’s already damaged.

Rest assured, MilliCare can often restore this type of carpeting to near-new condition — but a better, more cost-effective solution is to avoid this problem in the first place with a prevention program that goes beyond janitorial vacuuming.

The type of preventive maintenance your carpets need to avoid early replacement involves deep cleaning with a dry polymer. As its name implies, dry carpet cleaning does not rely on the use of excessive moisture to soak the carpet (followed by the extraction of the resulting gray or brown water). Rather, it uses a tiny bit of moisture to activate bonds between dry compounds and unwanted germy debris. The compounds can then be lifted from the carpet base, leaving behind nearly nothing short of ultra-clean fibers.

Done two or three times a year, MilliCare dry cleaning can fully refresh and revitalize a carpet rather than merely giving the illusion of sanitization. In fact, many clients have discovered their carpets stay good as new so long that they go out of style well before they absolutely need to be replaced.

Waiting Is Always More Expensive

Why wait to establish a predictable Care Plan for your commercial building’s carpeted spaces? The longer you put off deep cleaning, the greater your likelihood of an enormous capital expenditure too soon.

Allow our technicians to perform a restorative cleaning to your neglected spots, then work with you to schedule regular maintenance. Doing so will not only extend the life of your existing carpets, but also keep them looking fresh and professional. It’s a remedy that will protect your floors — and you — against unwanted outcomes.


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